Opie and Anthony: A Tribute

This short series is meant to a tribute to the fine, fine work of those comedic geniuses, Opie and Anthony who are current featured on the XM "Virus" channel. You couldn't find better crap in a dog kennel....

by Ranger77
If you've ever wondered what happened to those kids in Junior High....
I'm Opie! HA! Hey Anthony say "suck" on the radio to prove how clever, shocking and cutting edge we are!
I'm Anthony! And this is the Opie and Anthony show! Get ready for a laugh riot! Don't like us? Well....then you SUCK! HAHAHAHA!
....who thought they were funny and laughed at their own jokes?
You know who sucks? Howard Stern sucks. HAHAHAHA! I know we said that yesterday, but he just does! We were in FHM! HA!
Or was it Maxim? I hate Howard. He sucks my balls. HAHAHAHA! If you people out there don't think that's funny you're idiots! HA! HA! Howard sucks balls.
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We're funny! And clever! I hate Howard! He sucks your balls! HAHAHAHA!
Yeah, he sucks my balls. I HATE Howard! Now here's a guy that stutters. He's funny! And if you don't think so you're idiots and you suck my balls! HA! HA! HEE!

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Opie and Anthony: A Tribute

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