A Distant Breaking Wind

More multi-comic Sci-Fi cynical goodness. Sort of....

by Ranger77
Meanwhile....at a highly secret facility outside of Detroit.
Our operatives indicate that the rather cliched "Transdimensional" story line attracted two extra readers. Director, I think this means trouble.
I agree. The pseudo-scientific references combined with blantant cynicism....this cast seems to be resourceful, even if they have no talent.
I've done some research, Director. Our efforts to tank this bunch has so far relied on disruption. I think at this point we should do something a bit out of the ordinary.
Hmmm. interesting. I like the way you think, Felkins. Go on....
I think we should get the Ranger's World crew a corporate sponsor.
*gasp* My God, Felkins. I never knew you were so cruel. I almost feel sorry for the *******s. Ah well....make it so.

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A Distant Breaking Wind

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