Energy Grrl: The Movie

She's ready to kick your ass....but first we pause for a mid-life crisis....

by Ranger77
So I'm watching this flick and I'm thinking the woman is hot, and the effects are cool, but the story sucks.
I feel bad because she was a decent character before they decided to make a movie about her. Hollywood screws up again.
Especially because all guys secretly love a smart, beautiful woman who can kick ass. You'd think the movie just couldn't fail.
Yeah, its a shame.
And at that point we stop the comic and leave the readers wondering if we are talking about UltraViolet, Bloodrayne, Aeon Flux, Underworld 2, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Elektra....
Or Catwoman. Hmmm....that's pretty evil on your part. More than usual I would say.

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Energy Grrl: The Movie

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