Oh the Romance! (a sitcom)

The continuing adventures of D&G lawyer Biel Z. Bubb and his wife Britney!

by Ranger77
I really think you've been working too hard. Between D&G and keeping Helena out of jail I think you need a vacation.
Yeah, maybe you're right. My wife has been bugging me about it lately.
Wife? I didn't even know you were married.
Yeah....she's a bit younger than me. I met her when I took her medical malpractice case. She was a model....now she's a social activist....
"....whatever that means."
So it is my goal...no, my obligation, to further the rights and fair treatment of all Pixelated Americans, by any means necessary. Any questions?
Uh....you really have a big head.

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Oh the Romance! (a sitcom)

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