The Ranger Years

Real stuff. Yeah. Really. All the things you wanted to know about Ranger77, but were afraid to ask (including the thing about barefoot asian cheerleaders).

by Ranger77
1986: "The relationships I had in college were best described as near misses. You THINK you get to know someone, get up the nerve to ask for a date and then...."
Hey, are you ok? You seem a little distracted today.
Nope I'm fine.
You sure you don't want to talk about it?
I'm sure. With what I spend on therapy and medication, I shouldn't have to solicit any outside advice.
"Years later that true story would end up in a comic strip. Funny thing....I don't think any SC character could convey the ****ed up expression I had on my face...."
Nothing personal.

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The Ranger Years

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