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Hi. I'm not Beeko180. You've no proof whatsoever that I'm Beeko180. I am Silas. Silas Godric Krausen. Not Beeko180. I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die. That means something because I also don't have crippling depression. I promise.
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by SGKrausen
Explosions. Let's talk about explosions, people. First of all: what is an explosion? Well...
An explosion is an outward direction of force with enough strength to cause destructive consequences given certain circumstances at play.
These circumstances typically require that we, due to the nature of being what we are, hate others for being what we could only ever hate about ourselves.
And when faced with ourselves and our hatred for what we see, a weapon is crafted such that when we are sufficiently upset by this ultimate truth...
...we make America great again when the thing goes boom.
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