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by jes_lawson
Right Harry, take this polyjuice potion and transform into Steve Bannon. We're going to spy on Tr*mp
But Professor McGonagle! You can transform into a cat, why don't you just do that and sneak around the Oval Office?
Harry, everyone knows cats are devious ****s who would slit your throat for their own temporary gain. I'd get asked to make policy.
But nobody ever notices...
The elephant in the room!

by jes_lawson
Why doesn't Kanye West visit the capital of the Philippines any more?
"Cos he was Ill in' Manilla!"
Also their president would probably throw him out of a helicopter.

by jes_lawson
And what can I get for you, sir?
I'll have this potion of Mana, this FOOBIE BLETCH scroll, and I'd like to browse your mystical periodicals.
Certainly sir, I have a very discreet dungeon downstairs which...
It wasn't a metaphor!

by jes_lawson
Mr. Archer sir! Welcome back! What can I get you, and your incontinent armoured friend?
Heya Mister Singh! Three fletches of +3 arrows, a couple of cram rations, and... a compass.
350GP. And...
Yeah, the Knight will need a chicken leg, a 1UP, a thing that says "POW" and some helmet polish.
That'll be 200 zennies. I'll have to check under the counter for the...
It wasn't a metaphor.

by jes_lawson
At the market stall in town
Zounds! This stall is bereft of a merchant! Archer, art thou sure we can procure supplies here?
Methinks I shall take my leave and... Wait...What a fine set of red platemail!
And, as if by magic... PING!
The shopkeeper appears!
Aah, Gadzooks! I hath besmirched my breeches!

by jes_lawson
Welcome back to Jeopardy. We start with our returning champion, Haddaway
I'll take Emotional concepts for $1000, Alex.
"Oh lady don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more."
What is love?

by jes_lawson
I tried to buy this cool long jacket when I was on holiday in Italy.
Oh aye. And...?
Didn't. It was 600 Euro!
600 Euro?! You gotta be joking!
Yeah, it didn't even make me invisible or anything.
Christ, what was it made out of? Mithril?!

by jes_lawson
I had a bunch of dreams. I can't remember any of them except this one :
The Rockford Files theme's first four notes are the same as the Shaft theme.
He's not wrong! We analysed them and found YouTube footage!
Who's the cracker P.I. lives in a mobile home and never picks up his god damn answer phone?

by jes_lawson
Sorry Will, we're out. Back to the asbestos-lined safe with you.
But I didn't even get to play!

by jes_lawson
Red sky at night...
Shepherd's delight!
Red sky in the morning...
Arr, Sailors take warning!
Red sky all the time...
You're on Mars...

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