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by Zimri
New life form detected. Scanning...
...high alcohol tolerance, razor sharp wit, alluring odor...
I miss when you weren't a ******, Spock.
Me too.

Yeah you little alien bugger...take it know you love it...
by Zimri, 9-21-10

by Zimri
You got the check, right?

Yep, borscht looks and tastes like bloody spunk.
by Zimri, 9-21-10
I am God and I approve of this.
by Zimri, 9-21-10

by Zimri
Going back through my old comics I realized something.
I was never really funny, but you guys all let me think I was because I was so nice.
You ****ers!

by Zimri
So I'm back. I feel like I'm in my dotage now when I read my previous comics.
I'm 26, I quit smoking, I don't care about politics...
...I'm still a drunk, though.

by Zimri
The criticism of Mr. Obama from our conservative brothers and sisters is becoming clear.
"We don't really know what the **** we're talking about, so we're just going to call him a communist."

I'm back..and more drunk than ever.
by Zimri, 2-11-09

I'm reading Rolling Stone
You mean the “Republicans are Evil” magazine?
by Zimri, 1-15-08

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