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page 2

by Cobb
ok ok. i get it. you're going to destroy me if i don't comply.
don't feel bad. i'm going to give you some awesome capabilities.
what's the catch?
someday, and that day may never come, i will call upon you to provide a service for me.
so what the hell am i doing now?
oh this is nothing. this is just a qualifying test.

by Cobb
dude, i'm a self-made serial founder. i don't have a boss. how did you get in here anyway?
i'm the principle of catalina.
catalina private equity?
yes. the one that just bought your stupid dot com. none of your hack tools are really any good, you know.
look. there's only one or two government agencies in the ...
yeah. now you understand the mask.

by Cobb
hey good job. centcom doesn't need you right now so i want you to go to silicon valley.
oh? what's there?
i need you to stay focused on your physical skills. so i'm assigning a hacker to you.
sure. fine.
yeah, i'll be right with you, i'm actually trying to hack into..
don't mind me, i'm just your new boss.

by Cobb
congratulations on your assassination. clearly the space force is no joke.
yeah. it wasn't too hard.
how so?
well when i hacked the command center at spacex, i had way more drones and satellites than i knew even existed
uh.. did you see a very large satellite that looked like a space ship of some sort?
yeah. it was weird. the bottom side of it looked like a giant anus.

by Cobb
so where is my human? you promised.
change of plans. we're going to mars.
but... there's no life there. i'd be bored to death. why?
it's a long story. the good news is that we can do even more manipulation of humanity from mars.
no! wait. are you going to mess with elon again?
ah. you know me so well.

by Cobb
well, you're not exactly free..
i knew it
you are just going to have to move your orbit to mars and leave the earthlings alone.
i am suddenly reminded of a john wayne movie.
that's right pilgrim. there's not enough room for both of us in this here orbit.
tell me something. does a fairy have an anus?

by Cobb
(ahem) allow me to introduce myself. i am the liberal fairy, earth representative.
hmm. i've never seen you before.
well i am supernatural.
i guess that's how you entered our ship. what do you want?
i am authorized to tell you that according to the council of supernatural creatures, the pair of you aliens must leave earth orbit.
there's got to be a catch.

by Cobb
how long have we been imprisoned in orbit around this stupid filthy planet?
that would be about 17 circuits of their miserable sun
damn. i thought the last few circuits in stasis would calm me down.
not again. are you still hung up on..
anal probes!
(sigh). i'll warm up the gravity ray.

by Cobb
why do you use the progressive dimensions? i mean why don't you..
i know where you're going. but i don't make the rules...
you know where i'm going with this?
sure. you're a black male republican..

by Cobb
wait. what's the difference between race and color?
oh, you know like 'swarthy italian' or 'light skinned black' or 'blonde german'.
jeez. what about creed and religion?
that would be 'conservative christian' or 'anti-vaxxer mormon'
what about just 'american'?
yeah, like that means anything.

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