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page 2

by Cobb
so would you say it was comey or russia that cost hillary clinton the election?
that depends on how much of comey's information came from russia.
wait. are you saying that the fbi has contacts in putin's government?
of course not. the fbi only operates domestically.
so how..
sanders, via soros.

by Cobb
ok, so you're a black male conservative, what do you think about trump?
wow. i'm actually surprised you asked.
what? because i'm a woman? are you saying i'm racist for asking?
no, i uh.
ok. that's familiar.

by Cobb
you seem to have forgotten that it was you who worked for the cia, not i.
yeah but you inspired me to..
i was merely a hateful animal. you adopted me and used my wrath to justify your illegal and criminal violence.
are you sure, because i..
i'm just an ordinary caged bird.
then why does your voice sound exactly like **** cheney?

by Cobb
before i go out and cause chaos, well i had a personal question.
are you still as hateful against mankind as you were when you worked for the cia?
are you listening or do you want me to just...

by Cobb
it has been a while since you've summoned me sir
you are returned to active duty. we're working for trump now.
i enjoyed working for w. but what is trump's agenda?
i'm getting mixed signals, but in the meantime i need you to get warmed up.
what do you have in mind?
oh maybe a false flag or two.

by Cobb
so i hear you're on a mission to dump trump.
yeah but we already used that slogan.
what about orange cheeto, or..
we've pretty much run out of names to call him.
i guess it's time for sticks and stones.
can i get a license for sticks in california?

by Cobb
it's weird. i don't think we're going to reverse this trump thing.
i know, right? sometimes it's like talking to a bunch of brick walls.
it's so exasperating. why don't people listen when we speak up?
it's like. i dunno. i feel like an ignored minority.
oh do you?
now, now. let's not lose our solidarity.

by Cobb
liberal fairy, how can we convince people to vote properly next time around?
well, you know i used up most of my magic in 2012.
but all the hate and racism and..
..oh you don't have to tell me. but there are other people in the world you know.
are you trying to say america isn't that important?
cultural relativism, remember?

by Cobb
so did you vote for trump?
why. is he making you uptight?
duh. racist. sexist. homophobic. hateful. stupid.
could you repeat that in a properly punctuated sentence please?
i'm gonna beat your ass.
dude. you know i don't feel pain.

by Cobb
did you know that only 50% of americans voted in the last election?
no. what about it?
well, obviously we need to do something to get people engaged.
or else we get another trump, right?
exactly. how do we infiltrate the minds of these political slackers?
damn. it's going to be tough. we made weed legal.

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