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SimonB Cambridge, MA U.S.A. "I'd rather like to think of you as perfect in an other worldly existence than the one your occupying in the here and now.".
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by SimonB
Panic 1893 gripped the U.S.. In protest of Big Gov’t’s failure to assist the American populace during this economic downturn, Coxey formed a protest march that became known as "Coxey's Army."
I've got a story to tell you and if it's true? And I think it is. Then you're gonna need an entire new organization.
You see... Science has proven, people are curious-al mammals as such opportunists. Manifested as selfishness, insecure. No amount of contrary rationale can change the core base of their beliefs.
Washington passes BUDGET no Shutdown! However... what about the Economic Showdown which come(s) someday and we don't know with certainty when?
Hi FIVE! Mr. President! Will I have food to grow up on tomorrow?
It's gonna be beautiful we'll all spend with reckless abandon until the end of it. I'll weather the economic storm cause I got money. How about you?
Technology Marches On... meanwhile American Worker's are being replaced with Robots.
We're taking over!
Wait that's not the American Way?
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