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SimonB Cambridge, MA U.S.A. "I'd rather like to think of you as perfect in an other worldly existence than the one your occupying in the here and now.".
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by SimonB
Elon Musk, is morally confronted with the waste of SPACEX Project and sending the TESLA Coupe into orbit.
Hey ELON MUSK! Is that you? How about shedding some Benjamins, for hungry starving children around the world. As they are dying each hour that passes?
Yea, that's me,, who wants to know? The only around the world, I hear of is sending my TESLA, around the Earth in orbit dude.
... meanwhile TESLA Labs, builds a Insular Wall, because charity is a no-brainer! Hundreds of children die each hour around the world because the 1% of wealthy people having written humanity off.
The cost of TESLA, in space would have fed tens of thousands of children on Earth, for weeks!
I've evaluated the sit-cheee-ashun! Sending a TESLA Coupe, into space is my best option..
...meanwhile Elon Musk, tells hungry humanity,"cars in space are more trendy.".
So ELON, I heard you think "I guess feeding me is a waste,,, huh?"
Couple of AMBIEN and a bottle of Red Cabernet, will make your pain go away my friend... !
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