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by ladyjdotnet
Dude, you should pull over. Ambulances have the right away.
Don't you mean the right of way?
Yeah, that's what I said, the right away.
*sigh* and that means...
...that they get to go right away, and you have to wait.

No, YOU suck.
by wirthling, 5-16-15

by ladyjdotnet
People are so negative all the time!
You're so right. All people see is the mistakes we make, not the good things we accomplish!
Totally! I mean, no one applauds the fact that I've stabbed so FEW people! Right?

by ladyjdotnet
...You know, our workplace offers free counseling sessions to help you deal with your stress and anxiety.
You can even use their website to read the counselors' bios and set up an appointment.
See, that's just it. You CAN'T. The website is all kinds of slow to load and if it finally does, the LINKS are BROKEN.
That sounds like it could cause stress and anxiety.

by ladyjdotnet
Thanks for meeting me. I wanted to talk to you about something important, but I thought this might be weird on the phone.
No, I'm glad you called! I wanted to talk to you about something, too... You go first.
I'll just get right to the point... I got a bunch of bed bug bites... The exterminator says my place is clear, and since yours is the only other place I've crashed in the last few months...
I wanted to let you know so you can get it checked out. Bed bugs are kind of like herpes for apartments. Better than actual herpes though, right!? Anyway, you wanted to talk about something?
So, it's funny you should mention herpes...

by ladyjdotnet
Tell me more about the procedure we'll be performing.
When I was a kid, I was self conscious about my face, and that gave me an idea for this treatment.
That led you to create a breed of insects to eat dry skin and excrete collagen?
...and women pay to have you inject them into the skin around their eyes and mouths?
Yes! It's awesome! People pay to have Facial Ticks.

by ladyjdotnet
Hi, Honey! Hey, why are you packing up all your stuff?
*sigh* I'd hoped to just leave a note.
I'm leaving you. I've been seeing someone much, much smarter than you are, behind your back.
Wait a second! Is this an April Fool's prank? You're just ACTING like you're leaving me!
April F... Yes. That's right, sure. I'm just acting.
You're still packing.
I'm just committing to the role.

by ladyjdotnet
The sign outside says, "No interest for 5 years." Is that special still active?
I was interested in buying a sofa for my living room...
Wait, what did you say?
I said I was interested...
Yeah, that's what I thought you said. Look, you read the sign. I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

by ladyjdotnet
You know, whenever I see some jerk take up two whole parking spaces, I wish he had friends and loved ones to tell him he's an ass.
Ha! That's totally my car!
Yeah, I kinda wish you had people who love you, too.
I'm totally kidding, buddy. I love you enough to call you an ass. Ass.

by ladyjdotnet
Fine then, I'll do it your way.
The right way.
Fine. The right way. WHAT has two thumbs...
uh huh...
and ****ed in your coffee?

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