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Bitter yet engaging 50-something in Florida. Ideas come from a combination of comic genius and late-Seventies drug flashbacks.

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by Stevorama
9-30-20 she told me, "Cheese is cheese, just take it! Do you want to starve to death? You need your strength to provide for your family! You have a wife and three little babies at home who need this!" I told her, "Listen, honey, I have standards! No American cheese for this family! That crap is nothing but empty calories! Trust me, I'll find something nourishing, just get out of my way!"
...and she said, "Suit yourself!", and I said, "You betcha, Betty, I've got it down! I didn't live three years to hear your gums flap about what's best for me and mine! You'd best be watching..."
Kinda makes you wonder where the hell "quiet as a mouse" came from.
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