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It's Satan! The master deceiver! What sort of evil plan do you have for mankind, Satan?
I'm going to make people have sex in the butt!
What? That's your master plan?
In da butt, bob! Hee heee heee
The church wants to mend things with the Jews.
You are, after all, our spiritual brothers.
That's nice.
But you're still going to burn in Hell, of course.
What's wrong In God We Trust"?
Obama is listening to atheist groups. It's not fair! He should only be allowed to listen to theists.
I'm looking for something in the Constitution to keep them out.
You could try Iran's Constitution. I think there's something in there.
Hey, Amish! How many barns did you raise today?
You English! You think we always be raising barns. That is all we are to you.
Well? How many did you raise?

Jesus, is that you?
Drats, I've been spotted!
I thought you ascended bodily into heaven to sit at your father's right hand.
No No. I'm still here on Earth. Things are a bit chaotic in heaven, so I'm laying low for awhile. I've joined a fringe group of my followers
You mean you ...
Yeah, I've joined the Jehovah's Witness Protection Program.

Ok, Jesus, I've come to take you away.
Uh, I think you've made a mistake. My father's coming to pick me up.
by UniversalHeretic, 1-25-09

Hey Jesus, how's ya hanging?
Aren't you being a bit of a drama queen? Can't you just forgive our sins without glorifying crucifixion?
Don't underestimate the power of guilt. This may seem silly now, but it's going to win a lot of converts.

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