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by Ranger77
So you are the "Chicken of Destiny."
Yes. I am immortal. With my extraordinary abilities I can travel throught time and space. I have witnessed many important human events first hand, to observe and learn.... were at the inauguration then?
I asked you if you were at...
I heard you, I just was trying to figure out if you were ****ing with me.

by Ranger77
Melvin. I have a question about...
So...this 'disguise' is suppose to appeal to...?
Right. Left. America. It's 2017, McNugget.

by Ranger77
Hello. Sorry to break in like this but it was necessary. There is a sense of incendiary commentary here that has risen to a level that we just could not accept.
"Token asterisk" aside, free speech is one thing, but respect for the political process and appointees chosen to serve is sacrosanct. The language in that last strip was unacceptable.
We've used the N-word before.
I was referring to the idea that any cabinet member nominated by Lord Trump would steal a pen. That other thing is offensive too. I guess...

by Ranger77
You tread on very dangerous territory, pimp. The con game is our domain.
Where did you hear we were running a "con game?" We are providing a service with willing participants. We are not a threat to you or your business model.
We hear that you celebrate taking advantage of weak willed males.
Is it weakness or a willingness to participate in a bilateral gratification system? Any opinion to the contrary is 'fake' and should be disregarded.
You worked for Trump didn't you?
For a bit, until Ben Carson stole my pen. Fuck that n*gga.

by Ranger77
We will not stand for it. We are the social engineering experts in this strip.
I agree, but sometimes competition is good.
From a chicken. And a pimp.
Look ... people need to stop getting butthurt and level up when threatened. New, innovative competition will always be there. Will you accept the challenge! Will you dig deep and maintain excellence!
A chicken...and a pimp.
You'll never get anywhere around here if you concern yourself with details.

by Ranger77
Seriously?? An intelligent "pimp" and the "Chicken of Destiny?!?"
Not bad...not good either. We've already received a complaint about the dishonest nature of these guys....
Don't hate. This has great potential. Who complained?
Oh HELL no...they are stealin' our moves....
Be calm, my brother. Anger serves no purpose until you are actually ready to kick someone's ass....

by Ranger77
I have reviewed your enterprise and I've come to the conclusion you are an evil genius.
Evil? Depends on your point of view. I just give people what they want: Illusion.
Nowadays the truth is not as important as fame and the building of what has been characterized as self esteem but actually comes down to ego.
Nicely put. Care to try again?
I sell lies to stupid *****-ass bros.

by Ranger77
Amazing. He is convincing human males that they are talking to actresses, porn stars and exotic dancers and that they actually care about what these men think.
The males are encouraged to purchase of expensive items off a wish list to give to the females for a simple digital acknowledgement which has little actual value. Fascinating.
Melvin, how does the sending of dubious images of the males' sad, pathetic, phallus fit into this ritual?

by Ranger77
How can your wealth be so great? You are a simple trader of flesh?
Wrong. Original Pimp character died in this comic long ago. My name is Melvin. Dropped out of MIT and assumed his persona.
This is getting needlessly convoluted....
Then I started a website marketed to dudes thinking they were talking to hot foreign women. They weren't. Took off like a rocket.
Surely male humans are not THAT gullible. What manner of diabolic persuasion did you use to....

by Ranger77
I am a superior being and you are a lowly ruffian and common criminal.
Stand back McNugget. I made over a million dollars last year.
Ha. While money is no interest to a enlightened being like myself, I must ask a lowly creature like you: Was that after taxes?
After taxes. A.T., Af. Not counting the **** I didn't claim.
I actually could use a job...
Whatever. I still haven't decided if I want you cajun style with a side of slaw yet.

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