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by Ranger77
I am a US citizen. This is crazy. How does this even happen?
Well, here's the don't exactly look like the other characters here.
This is bull****. I was arrested based on the way I looked by a postman. A ****ing POSTMAN. It's not right.
Well...I know. But President Trump is a successful businessman and a Christian. I'm sure such a noble man will recognize a mistake has been made.
I'm sorry. Say that again. I think I might understand it better now.
I said President Trump is.... Oh. Um...yeah I'm not really good at social commentary...

by Ranger77
Next question. And make it an easy one. Haven't had my Midol and Vodka today.
Can you confirm that the President has issued an Executive Order to arm Postal Workers and use them to track down undocumented immigrants?
You mean the illegals? Yeah. He did that. No one sends letters anymore. We needed to do something with 'em. gave them guns.
We only gave them some lightly semi-automatic weapons. "Going Postal" will mean something again! So much winning. Next question.
Do I have to stand next to this Breitbart guy? He smells like cheese and anger.

by Ranger77
"Dear Mr. StickFig, You have undoubtably heard of the new Executive Orders on immigration."
"We have reasons to believe you are not a citizen and as such may be subject to deportation."
"A member of the Postal Service Militia will be contacting you soon." Postal Service Militia? What the hell...
Lemee see those hands, snowflake. I got Elvis Forever stamps and a magazine full of bullets with your name on them...

by Ranger77
So this Fairy Godmother gig didn't go well, eh?
Nope. Sucked. Dude they assigned me was a tool.
You didn't...DO anything to him did you?
Well, I didn't exactly hurt him...
Magical. She had Magical tittles. Heh.

by Ranger77
I was actually assigned to be your Fairy Godmother. In that context isn't this whole leering objectifying interaction a bit awkward?
I'm actually here to help you. You keep staring at my breasts. While we are not actually related, as your FAIRY Godmother I think that you...should....
You have an erection, don't you?
You noticed?? You ARE magical!

by Ranger77
Let's try this again. This time let's keep my boobs out if the conversation. It doesn't have to be all about sex. What kind of hobbies do you have?
I like to paint.
Good. That's a start....
With my *****.
You missed your meds today didn't you?
That's why I'm in my underwear.

by Ranger77
I know this was supposed to be one of those one shot/one joke things but I want to keep this going.
I am a magic being after all. That HAS to be interesting to you on some level. Do you have any questions?
Other than asking if you can touch them.
You ARE magical!

by Ranger77
They're real.

by Ranger77
So there WAS a comic set called "The Jelly incident?"
Of course there was. It just kinda got reshuffled between realities. Things like that happen all the time.
Kinda sad.
Yes I know. But reality engineering does that. I mean some people still believe that Donald Trump is President of the United States.
Um...he is.
Oops. Sorry. Got my time streams confused. Forget I said that...

by Ranger77
The return of the Ranger's World cast to "reality" can be attributed to one man. A single person who changed the course of history.
He rides the temporal waves of the universe, clearing up anomalies and correcting errors. His dedication is strong. His mission is critical. His...
... apple turnovers are done! Cool!

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