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by Ranger77
Ok...It took months but I got ALL of you guys Dimensional Green Cards. You can go BACK. All of you. You can forget all this. You can flee this world!
Um....what just happened?

by Ranger77
So she's normal then? Evil twins, Fembots, Dimensional doppleganger...none of that
I wish it was that easy. She's still our Helena Buckett. She just likes Trump.
Which means....we can disagree but should respect her opinion and still honor our friendship?
Fuck. That sucks.
You're telling me. The whole "WalMart MAGA White Nationalists from Planet 10" story arc is officially on hold. "Fuck," indeed....

by Ranger77
Please tell me this is some sort of joke.
Sorry B. Two reasons... ONE: I just think Trump is what this country needs right now.
Well, I don't agree with that.
And TWO: Conflict among protagonists is a compelling plot device. Marvel. Civil War. Dude.
Ah. I see what you did there.
You're welcome.

by Ranger77
Ok, what's the status? I can't believe she's become a Trump supporter.
I've done brainscans, checked her's our Helena. So you can rule out the "evil twin" plot device.
Nope. Low level Turing tests are good. Voight-Kampff checks out.
It's 2017. EVERYONE is brainwashed...

by Ranger77
Didja here? We, like, might be able to go back into that other dimension thing.
"Didja" isn't a word Chuck.
Whatever. We can get out here and get back to all that, like, classic weirdness.
There's enough weirdness here. It's not that bad.
Oh. Fuck. You've caught it. You're, like, one of THEM.
Covfefe is not just a word, it's a way of life...

by Ranger77
We're tracking some strange activity. Dimensional stuff. Weird. It's funny since after being here for several weeks you guys don't want to want to go back, right?
Tree Nipples...
Yes. Tree. Nipples.

by Ranger77
Meanwhile..."things" are happening. Dimensions are opening....
Opportunities to get away from this odd reality are emerging. AND, the most important and disturbing development of all...
"Firework Oreos??" I'm...offended, and I don't know why.
You should be.

by Ranger77
I panicked.

by Ranger77

by Ranger77
5-19-17 the Orange MAGA Man-Child actually CALL us?
I'm standing on custard.
I noticed.

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