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by Ranger77
In the previous run of this comic, we were portrayed as opportunistic con men using religion to get women and accumulate wealth.
It was wrong and culturally insensitive. Our time in alternate dimensions really made us rebalance our sprituality and consider what is important in life.
So we changed. We observed. We meditated. We became whole.
AND we became better...HUMANS. We brought that humanity with us as we traversed realities.
And then we got booted out and ended back in this ****hole. We both now have a case of the ass. Congrats. We're back.
Time to make that paper. Where my BITCHES at??

by Ranger77
Guys...something isn't right.
You mean how this doesn't feel like the old Ranger's World and it's all a nefarious plot.
Perhaps the real characters are still on hiatus and we're just standing in for them.
He'll be stuck on that for a while.
I tried to turn into a squirrel again. Just not feeling it.

by Ranger77
This fake news, protest anger thing is getting to you. Step back. Just breathe a bit.
Yeah. It's for fun now. Can you imagine if we started doing this for money?
That would be kinda evil.
Yeah, I guess it would.
Agreed. We say the new Pokemon Go/Call of Duty mobile app is being delayed because a developer quit to protest it's Windows phone only release.
The GoFundMe I set up for him has $5000, so far....

by Ranger77
So they say CNN accidently broadcast 30 minutes of PORN last night.
It could be a CNN employee screwing around and looking at stuff on the wrong monitor at work. NEVER a good idea.
Or it could be yet another protest tactic about being back, by a self confessed GEEK who misses dimension hopping.
Tree. Nipples. They make you crazy. Make things.

How the HELL did you create a video of DOS-era extremist retro gamers at a rally?
by Ranger77, 11-22-16

by Ranger77
The Alt-TAB movement ...
We need to go BACK. Back when REAL MEN made autoexec.bat and config.sys files. Heil DOS!
When you surrender to the elitist establishment you know what you get? Three words: "No Man's Sky!"
Battlefield 3. Never. Happened. HEIL DOS!

by Ranger77
I'm still not used to being back.
Yeah. Sucks. I'm just keeping myself busy.
That sounds sinister.
Yep. With all this talk about "fake news" I've planted a story about an extremist gamer movement that demands CHANGE back to the way things were in 90's. Look at this...
Like you didn't see that coming....

by Ranger77
This is unfair. To come back and THEN find out this has happened.
It wouldn't have "happened" if alot of people didn't want it to happen.
It's insane.
I know, but luckily some people have been very vocal. There's no turning back, but I don't see this working out. The backash is coming.....
Agreed...but the sheer amount of FAIL in even the idea of a MINECRAFT movie? *shudder*
"Make Steve great again," is the subtitle, I hear...

by Ranger77
Heh. Welcome back, guys!
Well, that was awkward.
Which would be normal.
So all you have to do now is to try to be funny on a regular basis and read over 1200 comics to keep continuity.
We are so ****ed.
This was rigged. Who jammed us up?

by Ranger77
I'm glad just dimensions aren't like countries.
How so?
Well, I was thinking. It's harder now to emigrate to Canada, for example and... Stop it. This is panel TWO! You know what happens when....

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