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by Ranger77
I really appreciate the way you guys have been respecting my support of the President.
We love you enough not to get all intolerant when we disagree. We are family.
That's good. I love you guys too. Also love the fact that stocks are up, unemployment is down, and Trump is getting things done despite fake news.
Um. Yeah. What's in that pitcher over there?
Kool-aid. G****. Been drinking it alot lately. Can't get enough of the stuff. Want some?
No. I'm good....

by Ranger77
Chuck, this is Kellyanne. You've probably seen her on TV making an ass of herself and hanging out at Hobby Lobby around the French milled soap and those velvet 'Elvis meets Jesus' art prints.
If you don't come out of this self-induced psychosis, Ms Conway here will lick the side of your face passionately. By uttering *eep* you consent to this radical treatment program.
*ee...* Wait. What?
I'm sorry was that an *eep*?
Sounded like it to me. I LOVE bad boys and that excessive mucus problem I have is pretty mild today! Let's do this!
No, like I'm good! I'm good!

by Ranger77
You broke Chuck.
I thought the "boy bro" could handle it. Guys nowadays are all talk. It's like YOUR President Herr Trump.
This isn't a political discussion.
Might as well be. 45 uses lies to protect his ego.
Do you ever wonder why all your "ex-boyfriends" are in therapy?

by Ranger77
So we are on our own to bring Chuck back from psychosis. Nice.
Pretty much. Some plot devices can't be re-used easily. By the
A Trump supporter? Yeah.
Figured. Just thought I'd ask. Still love you. Silly, I know.
I'm just a little less of one...I suppose.
Annnd I LOVE you even more...if that's possible.....

by Ranger77
The last time Chuck was like this, didn't you call his Mom for help?
Yeah. That was the first thing we did...
A few days ago....
...and the fact that I am 87 years old and went topless to Denny's is no one's ****in' business. I pay good money for those Banana Pecan pancakes and let me tell you birdie...
I just felt a flasback. Didn't go well, I'm thinking.
Yeah. You could say that.

by Ranger77
*(Chuck's Guide to Dating: The Series)
He's started "eep"-ing again*. My mother has destroyed his mind.
I find it hard to believe that your mom actually reduced someone to "eep"-ing just through her sexual antics.
Trump is on the record of saying he won't "grab her *****" because it grabs back.
True story.
She made me brownies a couple of weeks ago.

by Ranger77
I've decided we need to talk this out. It's been a few weeks..this thing with my Mom is getting out of control.
Actually I don't see how you can stand it. She's hard on her boyfriends. Really hard. Usually drives them a bit crazy. In a bad way.
You ARE okay aren't you?

by Ranger77
7-02-17 answered my Skype call. Helena, you have to pull out of this. Yes, it's not the best situation but you asked us to understand you with the Trump stuff.
Now maybe it's time for YOU to dig deep and realize that yes, it's your Mom and Chuck but they are adults with their own free will. Like we respected your choices, you should respect that.
Did he tell you about how she ****s like a "greased weasel??"
So let's put that unfortunate detail aside for a moment...

by Ranger77
Chuck, Helena has gone into hiding. She's not responding to our calls and she refuses to talk to her mother.
She's, like, being silly.
It's her mother.
Helena and I were, like, never romantically involved. Besides her reaction to me telling her about playing "Find the Bunnyhole" with her mom was, like, a bit crazy.
This is some mad crazy revenge **** on your part isn't it?
Yep and her moms ****s like a greased weasel so...

by Ranger77
Mom?? What. The. Literal. FUCK?!?
I know you might be upset, but I really like the kid. He makes me laugh. The sex is decent.
Oh God. You know how you go through men like a lawn mower. When you destroy him I'm going to have to pick up the pieces.
Chuck is...different. I know this is true because I took it to the next level. We did..."it."
Fucking Hell, are you kidding me??
Yep. The "Passion Propeller*" He took it well. Gonna keep him around for awhile....

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