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by Ranger77
The return of the Ranger's World cast to "reality" can be attributed to one man. A single person who changed the course of history.
He rides the temporal waves of the universe, clearing up anomalies and correcting errors. His dedication is strong. His mission is critical. His...
... apple turnovers are done! Cool!

by Ranger77
I don't know what to do. I know I'm not going crazy.
There's a theory that we are in a "reality stream." Things happen. Reality changes. Some people adjust with it. Some don't.
So I'm one of those who didn't...and I need an "adjustment?"
Yes. You should talk to that pale engineering guy from "Sidereal Stomp." He would know.
That's a GREAT idea. I'm glad someone believes me!
Actually I think you're bat**** crazy. There was no "Jelly Incident." I'm just advancing the plot. Fourth wall crap, y'know.

by Ranger77
2-12-17 have to help me here.... I'm still hungover from all that dimension crap. I don't remember last week.
I don't know why all this is so important?
Comic sets just don't DISAPPEAR.
All the freaky stuff that goes around here and you're citing rules?
Rules don't play here. I just checked the microwave in the break room. I think someone killed a hamster in there....
There's a problem. We have to fix it.
The PROBLEM is that we're back in this ****...
I hate fixing "****" around here. It always involves lasers and *****es.

by Ranger77
Stop messing around guys. I remember that set. Axl Rose orders a folded ham and jelly sandwich...
...and let me guess Pam Anderson delivered it.
And she probably asked "Do you want your Sandwich Spread?"
YES! That's it. So you DO remember!
No...we don't.
We just ad-libbed based on what we do normally. There was no comic set called "The Jelly Incident?"
You guys are scaring me.
There are things that you should be more scared of.
Kellyanne Conway. Nude. No makeup. TALKING. THAT's scary...

by Ranger77
It's been a bit crazy around here, eh? I feel the strip is finally back to normal.
He's such a funny guy.
Where's that one comic set called "The Jelly Incident?" I can't find it.
Jelly who?
We NEVER did a comic set called "The Jelly Incident."
Real funny. Come on. I remember it. Axl Rose. Sandwiches. Jokes about masturbation. Pam Anderson. It was kinda funny...
What are you talking about?
Ah...the smell of new plot device....

by Ranger77
I'm trying to figure out why the Press Secretary would have a problem with a relatively unknown comic strip?
Maybe because he actually 'appeared' in the strip he was in fact criticizing?
This FOURTH wall ****...
Don't think about it. I stopped long ago...

by Ranger77
The president DID NOT ban Muslims immigrants permanently or exclude the military from National Security Council meetings. "You people" are making this up. It's a travesty...
And in regards to that smart-ass comic yesterday, the President doesn't LIKE Russian women peeing on him, jerks! He only likes BLOND Russian women peeing on him!!
Fake News. You didn't hear that. This briefing never happened. Kellyanne can back me up. Fake News. I was never here. Fake News...
Dude, the vein on that big head of yours looks kinda dangerous...

by Ranger77
Come on. Join us! Lord Donald has taught us so much. The pleasures of warm, PURE, untainted, boldily fluids delivered by PURE caucasian Russian women. It's divine.
It sounds a bit sick actually.
Join us. Go with the flow, flow, FLOW!
Um...No, no, NO!
Skeet, skeet, skeet!
Stop it.

by Ranger77
We here at Homeland Security are troubled by the undocumented travel of yourself and your "cast" to other dimensions. You didn't clear customs when your returned.
Yeah. We kinda missed that part.
This CAN be fixed. If you just say that you left because of the previous administration and returned because of the current one, everything will be fine.
That wouldn't be true. Why would we lie for Trump? What could we possibly gain from that??
Three words: Hot. Wet. Russian. Bitches.
That's actually FOUR, but I'll give you a pass because of this "truth/fact" thing you guys are dealing with...

by Ranger77
Next question.
You keep referring to the President's focus on "protecting our precious bodily fluids" which is obviously a Dr. Stranglove reference.
Given that there are unsubstantiated reports that the President likes getting urinated on by Russian prostitutes, isn't the adminstration afraid that this focus could validate these claims?
We're building a WALL. Have you heard about it?
*sigh* It sounds familiar...

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