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The new cast!!! Tangelafan: Fan of the Pokemon called Tangela. He spends most of his time yelling at people on forums and spriting. Salazard/Phoenix_Myth/DragonDude: Tangelafan's best friend both in and outside the 'Net. Can be annoying sometimes. Obsessed with pidgeons. His grammar was bad in the old comics, but he didn't like it, so now he talks normally. Akaia: Tangelafan and Salazard's friend. Axed. We never see that guy nowadays. Music Dragon: Friend of TF who is a bit odd. Insists that everyone capitalise the first 'M' in Marshmallows. Only appeared once or twice, but HE'll BE BACK! ...Someday. Tundra: TF's girlfriend who is obsessed with cats. She often swamps TF with cat-related sprite requests. Shaun: New character. He's TF's demonically evil little brother that sits playing Xbox all day. He's rude, violent and in Summer he smells.
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by Tangelafan
What the fuck am I smoking?
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