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by arbi
saturday installed a storm window with my stepladder, some wd40, and the blue hammer. tommy helped. packed for hawaii.
4 loads laundry, replaced a windshield wiper, ate dirty rice, moved the blue volvo so i can park the van, bought two space heaters from dawn, made keys for tommy and bj, moved plants to back yard,
blogged, killed mice and reset traps, cleaned the yard a bit, burned boxes, emailed lawyers, listened to rogan, checked reddit, stuff like that.
got a lesson in tracphone use. bought the part to fix the shower.sorted my voter id case file. got $100 of my plasma money.
my real ladder ran off years ago.
ooh still have to go pay something on the electric bill, almost forgot. sprayed for bugs. we'll get up noonish an catch the #8 bus to the airport.

by arbi
wednedsay night i went to do standup at the dugout but just watched, it was pre-booked for a showcase.
thursday stayed in to write emails, then wrote a memo during church dinner
friday plasma, picked up press credentials , got to the hearing to find out they moved it to noon from 1 pm with mimimal notice, i wasn't able to speak. they did not count my vote.
but we got some video snippets, and a possible new case. po box, shopping, dinner, bath bed and beyonce.
tomorrow just have to scrap, winterize, pack, write memos, fix the tire, etc.
did not scrap, or fix the tire. otherwise stayed busy

by Neo11
She said yes. SHE SAID YES! I just can’t believe that she actually said yes!
Hey Greg, you are getting married? That’s wonderful news
Say what? No, I asked her if she knew where she wanted to eat tonight and for once she said yes
Oh….well, where did she say she wanted to go then?
Actually I have no idea. I got so excited and just took off running out the door

by Neo11
So you have been cheating on me? Ugh! Give me a break Peter!
Sorry but I...I don't think that I am willing to do that
Well if you won't stop sleeping around then I am out of here because we are through!
Wait, what? Shit, I thought that she wanted a piece of my Kit Kat

Professor, your discovery is amazing!
It will change the way people think about ancient Egypt, that's for sure!
Running water and indoor plumbing was way ahead of their time.
I know. And to think, they even had sinks where the water could be turned on and shut off.
What do you plan to call your new findings professor?
Pharaoh faucet.

by arbi
i made my $100 but tommy got banned, mistakes happen.
tuesday ok set, got it on video, good meetng with my caretaker, some seemed busy anyway. scored a biig tub of ice cream on my way home. my press credentials came through
it's now early morning and i'm dreading trying t get tommy up so we can go do plasma. he's not a morning person.
we were in a coffeehouse when i got a call pretending to offer $30k on the house i'm trying to flip. i met him,
actually he got right up and was motivated to go, but is probably too sick for this to be a good day for him to screen.
guess that's ice on my windows. so his temp was ok, blood pressure a little high, so we came in and are waiting to screen. his might take all day.
he tried to presbyterian me down, i said a deal's a deal, we're haggling now. so i have some deeds to prepare.
today's adventures: i'm going to drop off a tree and a bush to max at jefferson electric, hope i get to meet with ronny about fix up lists, collect my press pass, and go through
the to do lists on posters on my wall, because i need to get far more organized.

by choadwarrior
After working on a campaign non-stop for four months, I'm glad the election is finally over.
How'd you do?
We got two-thirds of the votes.
You should be jumping up and down waving your arms in excitement!
I am.

by choadwarrior
You were on my flight on Friday.
Why didn't you say, "Hello?"
You're not A-List.

Remind me again why we are sitting through ten minutes of credits after the movie is over.
There is usually an end-credit scene that sets up the next movie. They also let you know who's returning in the next film.
So, what does that say on the screen?
Stan Lee will not return.

by arbi
monday, i went through that box of papers, found the postcard, emailed the texas loan company, now we are haggling aboout rates and fees. so i might not need a loan from mom after all.
last night brian helped me open scary letters. they were indeed scary, bills for thousans in fiines on my rentalhouse, but after an hoour of panic i realie why they can't charge those fines, so i have
a defense, that i can turn around into an offense. take that either way.
paid the overdue part of my internet bill, but they have raised the rates, so i need to change companies or play hardball like last time. i turned in my provisonal ballot affidaviit. i got a cane, $6.
now i'm running late to see if the guy from the solar company is in. he was, and we had a great meeting.
tommy's excited we travel thru 3 legal weed states on the way to from hawaii next week.

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