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by brycekain
You starin' at my tits?
No, I have back problems.
You starin' at my tits?
No, I have back problems.
You starin' at my tits?

by brycekain
You've heard of the 8 Dwarves, right?
Sneezy, Bashful, Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy, Doc, Dopey...and Jeff Sessions...

by brycekain
Look at it, Dan, gold gold gold as far as the eye can see...
This BETTER be gold. I put a LOT of money into your hands and it BETTER deliver!
Behold this plethora of Donald Trump tweets. We're going to corner a market by selling them to the Donald Trump presidential library!
Ok....? Hmmm... Ok, I think I understand. Well this looks promising. We'll just charge per tweet and we'll make millions! Have you added up the total on how much we're going to make?
Not yet. I still have to sift through this pile and take out all the racist ones.
Welp, we're ****ed.

by brycekain
I overheard Father O'Malley teaching sex ed class today and I'm worried. He said something about oral sex being a form of cannibalism!
Hold on, let me try...
Dear Diary... today I learned what "baby gravy" is...

by edoggydog
Welcome to Phreaky's House of Big Breasts... May I take your order?
I'm really hungry... I'll go with the number 44 Double-D combo...
Do you want me to super size them?
You mean, you can make your breasts even bigger? I must be dreaming!
Turns out I was dreaming. And, talking in my sleep. Which my wife heard... Frankly, it was worth the ass- whooping!

Okay, Judy Robinson... You're next!
What are you talking about, Robot?
Since we are helplessly lost in space, I have decided to eat the crew to spare you all the horrors of starvation!
But, we have enough food to last three decades!
Eventual starvation!

I asked my boyfriend to eat my *****, and he replied, "Where do I start? You're a ***** all over! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA..."
I literally had to sit on his face to get him to stop laughing.
Talk about a win-win!

by kaufman
I love coming to your parties. I don't know where you get the food you serve, Donner, but it's always fantastic.

by brycekain
You know, I've been thinking about this for a while: You don't think contest winners are picked by favoritism, do you?
You mean "clique mentality"?
What do you mean?
Like if someone doesn't like you they pick someone else instead of basing the final results on merit? I don't see how that could ever possibly happen here.
Not at all.

by ZMannZilla
Ya gotta tell people! I've seen it! I have proof!
What do I gotta tell them?
Corn syrup! Cellulose! Monosodium glutemate! Red dye #5! That stuff what comes from a beaver's ass! YA GOTTA TELL 'EM HATCHER!
Tell them WHAT?!
Ooooh, a false advertising suit against Nabisco! Betsy, summon the lawyers.

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