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What the hell?!
Wilford Brimley?
I am the ghost of Diabeetus Future.
What happened to the ghosts of Diabeetus Past and Present?
To be honest, those two ships have sailed. Now grab your swollen feet and get in the ambulance.

What are you doing?
Just reading this comic. There is a contest to see who can make the most offensive joke and one guy chose to offend the guy running the conest.
I hope the guy running the contest has thick skin.
Why do you say that?
Just imagine if a guy on a comic site got so offended by something so stupid that he quit!

Doctor, why are you letting the residents run the hospital?
They need the experience.
But one of them could not keep Peter Mayhew alive!
Well, it was probably just a wookie mistake.

Can I get a hot dog please?
McDonald's does not serve hot dogs.
Why not?
We got tired of teenage boys asking us to super size their McWeiners.

I'm hungry.
Hi, "Hungry." I'm Dad!
I'm pregnant.
Hi, "Pregnant." I'm Dad!
Yeah.... That's what we need to talk about.

Welcome to the meeting for "Rarely-Used Prefab Characters."
I know black ninjas are rare but damn man, show a brother some love!
Any thoughts Jackie?
People still reference the "Watchmen" movie, right? I'm Rorschach! You can interpret me any way you want!
What are you doing here? You're used all the time.
I thought this was the meeting for "Barely-Amused Rehab Characters."

Ouch! That really hurt! Don't smack my ass!
What if I just rub it like this?
What if you just don't touch it in general?
So.... you want me to touch it in specific?

by bigworm
Alrighty then... lick up, then down. Now up again, now down again... now a little faster... that's it. KEEP GOING!!! DON'T STOP YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!
gurf gurf! woog woof!!! *scramble scramble*
I warned you now, didn't I?
Guess I gotta' get my own beer now.

by bigworm
GOOD GIRL!!! Now fetch me another beer!

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