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by bigworm
Don't worry, I'm a good ninja. I only kill bad clowns.
Why the sour face?

by bigworm
No Thanks. I don't have a ****, and I don't have 5 bucks.
Okay... how about both big toes at once for...
I still don't have any money!
Okay., here's my final offer... big toe for a reference.

by bigworm
A 'reference'? What kind of reference?
A letter of recommendation.
To whom would you send such a letter?
The Oval Office.
I assure you, you don't need one to go there.
Yes you do, because Trump is a real stickler for following proper presidential. procedure.

by bigworm
*Re: Your 2nd request for something to eat. Escort one of the filthy dirty ****sucking coconut head *****s down to the beach to suck your you-know-what!
Then tell her (after you're done of course), that you can't really offer her any meaningful help in raising her low self esteem if she's going to continue acting like a ***** with no morals!
Then take one of the other coconuts and bash her ****ing head in with it, and eat all you want!

by bigworm
*Dear Sir, In response to your prayer requesting a sexual partner. I have your back!
Please take note of the coconuts behind you. See how they are shaped just like a woman's head?
See the one hole that looks just like some dirty raunchy *****'s ****sucking mouth? Bye bye for now!*

Dinner's almost ready. Call your brother.
Hey **** bag, **** wad, **** muffin!
What? You didn't tell me what to call him.

by bigworm
Did you get a receipt yet?

Tabby Cat! I choose you!
Alley Cat! I choose you!
*hack* *hack* *hack*

by bigworm
So then the Dr. asks me "What position is your body in when it flies you around?"
I told him it's powerless, just hangin' there underneath...
...all limp and whatnot.

by bigworm
I've always had a problem that I've just had diagnosed. The Dr. calls it 'HELICOPTER DICK SYNDROME'.
He asked me if it caused me any specific kind of problems. I said "Yeh, lots of 'em, like when it picked me up...
...dropped me in my neighbor's pool!"

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