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by TyTy007
As Marty returned Shiloh he turned around and saw that Judd kicked Shiloh.
Thank you he is my new hunting dog.
Is this your dog Judd?
Marty asks his Dad what he can do to get money so he went out and recyled but didnt have enough money to buy Shiloh off of Judd Travers.
I think i should do chores to get money to buy shiloh off Judd.
You could go out and recycle around the Neighborhood you can get money from that.
Marty realised that Shiloh ran away from Judd Travers again so Marty built a pen with not high fences for Shiloh to stay and so Shiloh can hide.
Why did Shiloh run away from Judd again?
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