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It was once a robot
Someone said I was ugly
He felt alone
I'm so alone, I have no friends
But one day ...
Hey, do you want to be my best friend?
No, who wants to be friends with black ice cream?

by kaufman
Y'know, Dave, you'll probably do a lot better if you hit the ball with an actual golf club, instead of that guitar.
You're missing the point, Bob. It's so beautiful here in Tehran, I want to be out on the course all day. If I shoot 500, so what?
Ok, whatever you s... hey, where'd you go?
Mr. President! I just heard another tanker was lost in the Persian Golf.
Great. I'll go on Twitter and blame it on immigrants.

by kaufman
Want some candy?
What do you think?
Ewwwwwww! This tastes like monkey brains!
Well, of course it does. These are Rhesus Pieces.

So how was the business trip?
Sucked. I got to Japan with plans to learn some Japanese to slip into conversation to impress this Japanese guy I was meeting.
I was in my hotel room, right by the honeymoon suite. I heard the couple next door. She's screaming, "Machigatta ana". I figure it means Great! Wonderful!
or something like that. The next day we're golfing and he hits a hole in one, so I yell "Machigatta ana" and he looks me straight in the eye, and says...
What do you mean "wrong hole"?

Hey you !!!
What ?
Hey you !!!
What ?
Go to radios
learn the XD spelling best

Then you say that he is now a new man ... tell me why
Well, for starters, because finally I could leave the straw and the porn
and what else has he left
I wanted to leave my wife but when I left her I started to make eggs
boiled like which
how to buy me an electric bicycle

by four_legged_tripod, 7-24-19

So, you might find this request a little odd.
Try me. I'm into a lot.
I like to tell dad jokes while having sex.
Um, okay. That doesn't sound so bad.
Hey, dad, what do you call an old snowman?

by squidrabies
It's been a while, huh?
I heard you stabbed a nun.
I heard you were a nosy *****.

With Hurricane Barry headin' this way, I'd better board up this here broken door.
I wonder if I got some spare boards in the attic I ain't a usin'.
That should do 'er!

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