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page 3

by kaufman
Hello, Mildred.
Hi Sue, how are you doing?
hanging in there, but going a bit stir-crazy. You?
Just wonderful. My best day in ages!
Really? How come?
Those kids down the street TPed my yard last night.

This new coffee maker Gary gave me must be busted.
It seem to be filled with only creamer.
I'm Gary's sexbot you idiot.

I can sense that you're staring at my ass. Do you think this makes me creeped out or turned on?
Given that your sphincter just tightened up...
I'm gonna say both.

Hey, Grams.
How are things with the corona virus?
My son's girlfriend was over when they ordered the city wide shutdown and now we're stuck with her for thirty days.
A city wide shutdown does not mean you can't leave to take her back home.
I'm not telling them that. I'd lose those moments to yell "SOCIAL DISTANCING!" when they get too close to each other and spray his eyes with Lysol as a reminder!

People are really getting desperate.
Yeah. Last night, I sucked three ****s for a package of toilet paper.
Three ****s! Was it worth it?
But they really needed the toilet paper.

by biped
Hello, may I speak to a Mr. Clifton J. Cornwall?
I'm sorry, there's no one here by that name.
Oh well...I guess I dialed the wrong number then.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Can I help you?
Just taking the 2020 census, sir.
Shouldn't you wait until after the pandemic to take that?

You've got your green pants on!
I always have my green pants on. Why are you making a big deal about it?
It's Saint Patrick's Day! If someone sees you not wearing green, they get to pinch you.
Who's gonna see me? The schools are closed, restaurants are doing drive through only, and no one can be together in groups larger than ten.
You suck the fun out of everything. I'm going to go drink alone.
Now that's the way to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day!

by kaufman
I stepped out on the first garbage day since the lockdown. It was surreal. A desolate street, with neatly lined up trash and recycling in front of each house.
Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!

I suppose I should point out that you don't have to see all the rolls of toilet paper in a COSTCO customer's cart to know they don't get enough fiber in their diet.
by choadwarrior, 3-14-20

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