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if you're an American in the bedroom ... what are you in the bathroom ?
You're a pee'in
by Waste_Of_A_Sniper, 8-28-18

Interesting - my quad-corder scan also indicates SPLAT - Super Poisonous Liquid And Toxic ! ! !
A quad-corder ! ! ! Awesome ... all I have is this really old tri-corder ... it really sucks ... damn it Jim ... I want a quad-corder too ! !
Well, well, well ... is that frustration I'm hearing from my Vulcan friend ?
F*ck off Bones !

I've completed 2 full orbits around the sun now ... and to be totally honest with you ... that's enough for me ... I really don't need to see any more ...
OMG .... You are soooooo much smarter than I was at your age ... So ... how old are you ?
OK Ur-right, I should be able to do this .... so, one orbit would be like 12 days NO, 12 months & double that would be 24 but U r too small to be 24 right ? Am I right ?
I like this guy.
Of course I'm right. I'm always right hahaha ... but let me tell you, yes, I will tell you this ... it wasn't always this way ... No it wasn't, not like this at all. And of course - the wall.

I'm here to collect the soul of ah... ah one Mr. Mark Zuckerberg ...
Did you like him ?
Huh ? What ? Like him ? No, I don't know him.
Well, to gain full access to Mark, you have to set up a new FB account - set up your profile - find Mark's profile - ask him to be your friend- and then - like him.
And. what if I don't like him ?
Then ... I'd say you're normal.

Prince Harry ... we have a virgin blonde no-name girl - OR a well used divorced, celebrity brunette girl ... ...
I will take the brunette ...
I'm super wealthy ... but I'm not stupid ! ! !

I broke my HB pencil over panels 1 and 2 .... I didn't want to get this mad ... but what else could I do ?
But now I see what I have done ... and now I'm feeling sadder ...
The only thing I want to do ... is empty out my bladder ...
I know exactly how you feel

This is brilliant Scotty ... a drone that looks like a bee. I was researching early human video recordings and ...
... I was wondering what " B-roll " was referring to, so - now I know ....
What's so funny ? Scotty ... are you still there ? {laughing + more laughing) ... Scotty ? ? ? ? Are we ready to roll ? ? ?

Mirror, mirror on the wall ... who's the gayest of them all
rorriM, rorrim no eht llaw ... s'ohw eht tseyag fo meht lla
Me !
! eM
It's you !
! uoy s'tI

I want my hair to look like yours !
That's great ! I do have great hair, right ? Great men should have great hair. I don't see anything wrong with wanting to have great hair.
You can have OK hair or really good hair but, why settle for that when your hair can be great ? My hair has been looking great for as long as I can remember.
I want my hair to be great like yours
Great ! The job's yours. When can you start ?

The USA is having such a problem with mass shootings. So many innocent people getting killed.
We should help them.
We could target and drop bombs on the locations of where the assault weapons are being made. But, we might end up killing a few innocent people.
We should help them.
But we are not at war with the USA. Should we really be bombing them and killing a few innocent people ?
We should help them.

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