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by Ranger77
Looks like our surveillance network located Rudy G. He was seen 20 minutes ago playing naked Twister with Terry Gilliam and MeatLoaf in Inglewood, California.
It was overheard that they would be eating jelly sandwiches and participating in a "Most Expressive Bellybutton" contest later. Naked. After bathing in Cream of Chicken soup.
You have a surveillance network?
Call me judgemental but I don't think that's the question you should be asking at this point....

by Ranger77
Look, I know you guys are all smug and critical of this administration but we are in touch with the young people. The next generation of voters!
We have the support of such celebrity icons as Kid Rock, Scott "Chachi" Baio and MeatLoaf! These are big names! AHHHA...ORRRF!
Sorry, I think I peed myself a little. These are exciting times.
I'm not surprised...

by kaufman
Dinosaurs will walk the earth.
Barbarians will overrun the Roman Empire.
What are you doing? This is supposed to be predictions for the upcoming decade.
Sorry, man, I guess I just don't have 20- 20 vision.

by choadwarrior
Rampart, we have a 50 year-old male complaining of chest pains. BP is 180/100, pulse is 120, Respiration is normal.
10-4, 51, Start an IV of D5W with Ringers Lactate and transport.
Rampart, I have a possible rabies victim. Patient is frothing at the mouth, weak, and hallucinating.
10-4, 51, Start an IV of D5W with Ringers Lactate and transport.
Doctor, Roy and Johnny are calling in a decapitated body that has been incinerated beyond recognition.
Have them start an IV of D5W with Ringers Lactate and transport.

by choadwarrior
Now that all the presents are delivered, what are you going to do for Christmas, Santa?
Same thing everyone else does...
Go over to a relative's house...
And **** a cousin on a pile of coats.

by Ranger77
Guliani is a great asset, but uncontrolled, he is a liability. We must find him.
I don't see why we should help you.
Listen my friend DJT is the first President with a spiritual advisor. We report to her and it's her will to get this taken care of.
Trump's spiritual advisor. That sounds like an easy gig.
Five minutes a week of Presidential counseling isn't something to be snarky about. AND she's a World Champion, top rated Candy Crush player.
Nice. Hallelujah. Amen. Grab some *****.

by Ranger77
So as you can see this is a very serious matter. Mr. Guliani must be found so he can go back to Ukraine.
One question. How does one become an agent of the "Church Police?"
It's a calling. My devotion led me to the Chosen One, Donald J. Trump: A pious man of honor and integrity. A true Man of God.
Ha! Just kidding. I donated a few thousand to his campaign and supply him with Russian porn.
I see...

by Ranger77
What the hell, B? Why are we at Battle Stations??
Trump got impeached, Rudy G bit off the tracker that was around his ankle and is running around here somewhere. Nunes chewed on some prime Kush and is trippin ballz...
Fuck, indeed. Trump's people just called and said they are sending over the "Church Police" to clear up this mess.
"Church Police?"
Just roll with it. Our country is pretty ****ed up. The last thing we need is logical exposition....

by Ranger77
I have to ask you something. A few strips back, we were told that everyone close to the White House has to suck Trump's ****. As a Congressman does that apply to you?
Devin? stale sardines, Tang and nutmeg. I need a hug.

by Ranger77
Very impressive, but I have to be honest with you: we have no Ukrainians here.
I know.
Ok. So why bother?
Listen here, flightless aquatic you understand Constitutional Law and the enduring principles this country was founded on?
Well, actually yes, I do.
Well we don't do that ****. I just look for foreigners, report anyone with beige or darker skin and serve Kool-Aid at rallies...

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