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by Wilson_Shannon
Pompey sees that Julius Caesar is gaining great power, which could result in him taking over the government with support of the people.
Senators! Julius Caesar is gaining too much power overseas through his victories in the Gallic Wars. We must stop him!
Yes Pompey! If Caesar gain too much power, he could gain control of the government and take away our abusive powers!
Pompey sends a message to Julius telling him to stand down and return with his army back to Rome and become a private citizen.
Hey Julius, the Senate and I are commanding you to come back to Rome and step down from your command of your army and become a private citizen.
Ok, I'll return with my army, but I definitely won't step down from my command. Prepare for war Pompey!
Caesar and his army defeat Pompey outside the city of Rome, and installs himself as dictator.
Oh no! Casaer and his army have defeated us! Now he will take over the government and surely we will die at the hands of Julius!
That's right! Pompey, you have been defeated, our general will become the sole leader of Rome, and you WILL surely die at his hands!
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