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"I always wanted to be quoted." - Z. Mann Zilla

artist, designer, animator, actor, crossword puzzle constructor, rapper, gamer and humorist. Also makes a mean omelet.

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by ZMannZilla
Shiver me timbers Cap'n Porkman! We've been keelhauled by yon ship and sent to Davy Jones' locker!
Well Porkman can think of one Carnival Cruise that be getting one-star Yelp review!
Tis a damnable thing, Cap'n! Yon skallywags commit such treason on the high seas!
Does the Finchy really need to keep talking like an
old-timey alcoholic sea hobo?!
Aye! By Poseidon's left bollock, 'tis the pirate code!
Starting to think "pirate code" is Finchy code for "butt-funneled too many complimentary rum drinks"
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Porkman & Finchy Are Still In Terrible Comic Strips : ZMann's Comic Competition Entries 2

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