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by Porternotes
You don't need to leave at all....
I'll just go in the other room. You can do your... thing.
Maybe you'd like to participate?
Oh hell no. I'm good. Just clean up the mess when you're done.
I always do. You probably had no idea how much I masturbated before we'd been in lockdown together.
The stiff socks in the bottom of the hamper told the tale.

by Porternotes
So, what have you got planned this week? You need to go to the store? Or gas station?
Hadn't planned to go anywhere? Why?
I just think you should leave the house for, oh I don't know... Fifteen minutes?
I want to masturbate.
So, I have to leave the entire house?

by Porternotes
Well, I guess it's time to go back to work.
You sure you can handle it?
I don't really want to do it anymore, but what choice do I have?
You've got this. You're the provider!
I'm starting to hyperventilate.
I can show you the Amazon bill if you need inspiration.

by atomiclunch
So, what's this about Rags making Deb tote him to the wedding in a rickshaw?
Yeah, I can't believe she did that. I reckon she was too tanked to say no given how much drinking she did to go through with the wedding in the first place.
Well, if we were to get hitched, you know I'd never do you like that, TK.
Duh, one, you're way too wimpy to do it and two, Hostess has super zombie strength since the resurrection!
Hey! That's not fair! We have a brother. Let Frito-Lay do it!
Ay! Ni madres! They can take the bus, puta!

Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!
My six-feet social-distancing electro-shock force-field really works!
Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!
Feel the burn, *****!
Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!

Dammit, I can't get past the super-goblin!
A2 up, then B1 left, moron!
You're an ofice plant... What do you know?
Okay, A2 up, then B1 left and... Wait. WTF?? The screen went blue! AAAAAAAAAAA!!!
That'll teach for listening to an office plant! MORON!!

by atomiclunch
"Were you just takling to the TV?"
Yeah, Maria made a special appearance. Made my day.
So, that's 'Lunch? Yeah, *sigh* isn't he dreamy? He seems a little nerdy. Heh, yeah, I suppose so.
"Well, I'll let you get back to that rather disturbing habit.
Talk to ya later, Rags!
But girl, that HAIR! MmmROWR!! *twitch* [Uh, Maria, please don't] LEMME AT 'ER! LEMME AT 'ER! [Maria, no, stop!]
What was it today, Chen?
Take the cameraman job, they said. Spend the day looking at pretty girls giving the weather, it'll be fun, they said.

by atomiclunch
"You like her, eh?"
Yes, she's quite lovely. Prettiest girl I've seen on there in a long time, as a matter of fact.
The covidnado is gaining strength due to the cough power of those it infects, this may be the end, folks. *KICK* *SLAM* Noone steals my #1 fan, beeyotch! Hope your medical has kicked in!
She's your new thang, then? New favorite?
Heavens no. She's adorable but absolutely nobody can replace Maria, my doyenne of the dewpoint will always be my #1 unattainable squeeze.
Awwwww! ------------------ Awwwww!
❤❤ Maria! What a surprise! Are you back on TWC? ❤❤
*SHOVE* OOF ------------------------ HI! Nope, just stopped in to see you, ya mook!

by atomiclunch
Hey Rags, what's up?
Well, this is your strip so i'm likely just here to move the paper-thin plot along, but, have you seen the new weather chick?
Meanwhile, at the home studio of Maria Larosa.
Maria, you're live in 5! We're leading with the covidnado story.
Okay, thanks. I'm just about ready.
"Yes, I have. Wow. She's really, REALLY attractive."
On second thought, I have an ass to kick, er, errand to run!

by atomiclunch
Lunchtime at Chez 'Lunch and 'Lunch is contemplating his midday meal.
Let's see, what should 'Lunch have for lunch today? I've got beef-a-roni, a slice of old cheese, nutmeg and - wait, that's an unfamiliar voice...
Welcome to the Weather Channel, today's top story: a crowd of protesters had a coughing fit in Nebraska and generated
She's new. I wonder what her name is.
an unprecedented virus-laden tornado that is cutting a swath of destruction and infection through that state at 50 mph. More details as they emerge...
Hi, I'm Colleen Coyle and we're suddenly noticing a rapid temperature increase in the San Francisco area.

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