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It wasn't me who jacked you off while you were asleep!
Then, why does my **** smell fishy?
Okay. It was me.

My criminal trial starts tomorrow...
What are you being accused of?
Murder... But, I didn't do it. I was FRAMED!
Of course, you were.
Then, you believe me?
No... But, you are a window.

Well..? What do you think, Tiki?
I don't know, Frank... $3 million seems a lot for an over-sized phone booth.
It's not a phone booth... It's a transporter.
Same difference!
Except, this machine can beam you into Phreaky's shower. While she's soaping up her gigantic funbags.

by crabby
Not sure if you saw the company wide email that went out, but today is my 27th anniversary with Jerealy Paper Company.
Oh wow. I don't have access to email so I had no idea, but I appreciate you sharing the news with me. Congratulations on your achievement. How are you planning to celebrate?
Well, I figuered first I'd go around the office and let everyone know that today is my anniversary. Then I'd just sit at my desk and watch the time tick away.
Sounds like just another Tuesday to me!
Congratulations on your anniversary, Bill.

by crabby
Here's the thing. No one eats cereal anymore. No one eats it at all. There is no brand loyalty. There is no nostalgia. People just don't care.
So hear me out on this. I say we start a cereal blog. We call it curreal. A surreal look at cereal. We go so indepth and delve so deep into our own cereal desires that people will be interested.
I hate everything about your pitch. I hate the name curreal because it sounds like curreal and not surreal. I hate the idea about writing about cereal. Most of all I hate you.
I didn't want to bring this up, but remember when we were 8 and you almost drowned when you fell into that ice pond?
You pushed me, but fine. I'll write for your cereal blog.

by crabby
Son, just because you're at a party with your school friends doesn't mean that you don't have to watch your manners. I don't like some of the language I've heard you use today.
Sorry Dad. I just get a bit excited when I'm with my friends. Can you give me an example of something I said that you found inappropriate?
Well, I heard you tell your friend that you were going to hold him down and rub your **** against his face. That was extremely uncalled for.
DAD! Fuck, I didn't mean that! It's just something kids say. Like, "Do you play Fortnite" or "Who's Monica Lewinsky?"
I saw the two of you kissing shortly after that exchange.
It's 2019, Dad. Boys kiss at birthday parties.

It's been two hours...
I guess my blind date isn't coming back from the restroom.
She probably got lost... I mean, she is blind, after all!

OMG! What did you put in my chai tea? It feels like the room is spinning!
Venom from the infamous Chinese Black Widow!
Oh, drag... Does that mean what I think it means?
But, I don't want to die!
Who said anything about dying? After about fifteen minutes, the venom will make your ***** swell to fourteen inches. Then, we ****y-****y!

Oh, God...
Excuse me, ma'am... We got a call about some horrible odors emanating from your apartment.!

You're just going to have to face facts that I am your father, Jamaal...
I can't...
I first met your mother, Jamalia twenty-three years ago in New Orleans... Seems like yesterday she was flashing her HUGE black tits for cheap necklaces of beads!
Please, stop talking.
For days on end I masturbated in my hotel room dreaming of those tits... Then, came that day I met her in the bar. I dropped a roofie in her drink and then ****ed the ****** out of her puss-

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