The Acquisition Of Terror Island

Okay, so these two dudes made bazillions of dollars with their dot com business, and they want to buy an island to do stupid stuff on. It just so happens that evil overlord Doctor Skull is selling his evil island fortress, Terror Island. Will these dudes buy the island? Oh, probably.

by ZMannZilla
Dude! It's so awesome that you're only 22 and you just made $89,000,000,000 last year with your innovative dot com business!
Dude! I know, that's friggin' unreal money, dude! I don't even know what I'm going to do with all that money, dude!
Dude, it is totally stupid stuff money. You can afford to do so much stupid stuff, dude!
I know dude! I should totally buy an island to do stupid stuff on!
Dude. You could totally do that. You SHOULD totally do that. How do you buy an island though?
Maybe Craigslist has one?

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The Acquisition Of Terror Island

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