To Serve Robot-Kind 2

A23-TK421: Lesbian ex-bartender, and last actual human on Earth. All other humans are clones of her. BobTron: Fun-loving, somewhat dense middle manager of the Robot Apocalypse. BrianTron: High-strung, melodramatic floor supervisor. Always suspects an uprise is imminent. Unit-7: Single-minded old fart-bot with a speech impediment.

by ZMannZilla
Stevetron is teaching the clones how to make cellphone games...
Hi class, I'm Mr. Stevetron. Today we'll be reading your textbooks and leaving me the hell alone. Any questions?
This isn't a Javascript textbook, it's the instruction pamphlet for Scribblenauts.
I asked if there were any questions. That was a statement. I'm marking you down a full letter grade.
OK then, here's a question: how am I supposed to learn Javascript from this?
You could start by having a more positive attitude.
I'm smiling now. Can I have my letter grade back?

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