ZMannZilla In A Stripcreator Comic

All the comic strips in which ZMannZilla himself appears. Note that he prefers being rep'd by submitted/lizardsuit2.

by ZMannZilla
ZMannZilla accepts a Comic Competition Award...
I'd like to thank the six Russian babies whose death made my punchline possible, the sicko judge that found infant ass-rape funny, and-
Hey ZMannZilla.
Um, excuse me young man, but I'm a little busy accepting a Comic Competition award for "World's Worst Birth Control Themed Punchline", could you please go back to your seat?
Yo, it was a good strip, and I'm-a let you finish, but Injokester had one of the best baby butt-fuck strips of all time.
I really hope it still says "Fuck Off" on the back of my shirt, otherwise this punchline's not going to be funny either.

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