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by Zamboro
Hello readers. Normally it is against my principles to make my comics educational in any way, but I feel that I must speak out cpncerning the situation with the RIAA.
The RIAA says they are cracking down on filesharers, and calls them "terrorists".
However a recent lawsuit decimated the entire life savings of a struggling college student, and now the RIAA has declared war on the parents and grandparents of filesharers as well.
Do these people sound like terrorists to you? No, but using the threat of a life-ruining lawsuit to terrify the populace into obedience....that sure sounds like terrorism to me.
Is filesharing wrong? Oh, sure. But it's nowhere near as wrong as intentionally creating fear and terror to protect your bloated, rich white ass, or as wrong as suing decent people into the poorhouse
With the preponderance of hackers these days, I can only expect that the RIAA will get the virtual ****** it so rightly deserves. All I can say is, "Suck a dog's danglies, RIAA". That is all.
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