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No need to look this up. Stop reading this. Can't you follow simple directions, Slacker. Stop reading this now. AHH, go back to your doodling, OK?
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by Zenman
We Dance, We Dance....The Dance of Clean Air , air that does not make Birds Spit and Cough.
Pure Air! Air that you can See through! We Dance The Air!
We Dance The Land. We Dance, We Dance. The Land is open and Animals Frolic!
Animals Frolic, and live here with free lives Eating Each Other! We Dance the Dance of Predation and Open Land!
We Dance, We Dance! We Dance the Dance of Deep Shit. We Dance the Dance of The End of the Sewer. The Place Where it all comes to Rest At the End.
We Dance to a Moonscape of Crap. We Dance with our noses just above the Shit. We wave our Arms and Say Goodbye. Mother Earth Prepares an Abortion.
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