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No need to look this up. Stop reading this. Can't you follow simple directions, Slacker. Stop reading this now. AHH, go back to your doodling, OK?
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by Zenman
The Feds drop rates by .5%!
I am 'Phat', 'def' and UltraC00l. I am a 'tagger', climbing out on bridges and overpasses, dangerous places like that to leave my 'tag', which is "Richie Cunningham'. I am well-regarded in my 'Hood'
Uhm...I live in the suburbs. I drive a Honda Accord and worry about the depreciation on its lease.
Market forces predict a rebound!
Hey, if you want to to be 'cool' like me, then you ought to let me 'tag' your car. This would result in making it an artistic statement and would increase your 'street credibility' in the suburbs.
The clash of cultures is making me tense and irritable.
Allen Greenspan is Puff Daddy.
Or, I could just 'Jack' your car, paint it up, take it for a joyride and leave it stripped in a parking lot downtown. Then you could collect insurance and stop worrying about the lease.
And they say that we cannot find creative ways of interfacing!
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