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No need to look this up. Stop reading this. Can't you follow simple directions, Slacker. Stop reading this now. AHH, go back to your doodling, OK?
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by Zenman
Reagan put price tags on it.
Listen all you Californians...there is no Energy Crisis! It's just Market Forces adjusting to the stress of Electrical Deregulation!
Well, the Governer said that it was the fault of Out-Of-State Energy Brokers.
Dukmejian held a Garage Sale at a discount.
Listen. I'M an Out-Of-State Energy Broker. I'm not making Obscene Profits! I consider my profits to be acceptable, and that I am a Public Servant. Besides, Jesus is coming soon,.
Well, I mean my last Electrical Bill was $1,234.56. Isn't that a bit steep for a studio apartment with no kitchen?
Now We are a no-lights specail at KMart.
Listen, the consumer has GOT to carry his fair share of the expense of Power. The large corporations can't just lose profits! We've got a bullet for you to bite!
This bites, all right....Do you smell something burning?
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