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It took some doing, especially with the pandemic going om, but with hard work and most of my life savings, I'm finally living my life-long dream of owning a janitorial business...
Nothing can stop me now!
I wonder what's going on outside my huge, unprotected store front window?

Look at those fools!
Yeah, FOOLS!
All because a white cop choked out a black man?
Yeah. BLACK!
I really hate it when you just repeat everything I say!

I saw this woman with her tits out! I then lost control and crashed over there!
He was driving with his lights off so I flashed him my high beams!

...and that's when I said ALL lives matter to the group of red bandana-wearing black guys.
They were vampires???
No, you idiot! Gangbangers!
As in orgies? That explains why they each took turns butt-****ing me!
My head hurts!

Honey! We gotta go!
I know you're going through some self esteem issues, but we're gonna be late!
Does this outfit make me look middle-aged?

Help me...
No one told you to shop at a down-town Minneapolis Target in the middle of an Anti**** riot, moron!

by Porternotes
You don't need to leave at all....
I'll just go in the other room. You can do your... thing.
Maybe you'd like to participate?
Oh hell no. I'm good. Just clean up the mess when you're done.
I always do. You probably had no idea how much I masturbated before we'd been in lockdown together.
The stiff socks in the bottom of the hamper told the tale.

by Porternotes
So, what have you got planned this week? You need to go to the store? Or gas station?
Hadn't planned to go anywhere? Why?
I just think you should leave the house for, oh I don't know... Fifteen minutes?
I want to masturbate.
So, I have to leave the entire house?

by Porternotes
Well, I guess it's time to go back to work.
You sure you can handle it?
I don't really want to do it anymore, but what choice do I have?
You've got this. You're the provider!
I'm starting to hyperventilate.
I can show you the Amazon bill if you need inspiration.

Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!
My six-feet social-distancing electro-shock force-field really works!
Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!
Feel the burn, *****!
Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!

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