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by adeel90
The kings shephard (right) came on the scene he found the wolf gently licking the babies and giving them milk so he decided to take them home and look after them with his wife Larentia (left)
Lets take them back to the village and call them Romulus and Remus its a good thing the she-wolf saved them!!
Good idea ive always wanted twins
The burglas came so fed up of Romulus and Remus spoiling thier plan so they planned an ambush and managed to capture Remus
haha we've got you now Remus and were going to take you to king Amelius for punishment
Oh no I was so close Romulus help me!!!
Numitor and Faustulus knew they were royal blood so they hatched a plan and Romolus and Remus joined forces and killed Amelius
Romolus you two are royal blood Amelius killed your family
I'll call the shephards to come in twos and threes and meet at different times to make thier way to the palace then we can make forces to kill Numitor
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