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Were you on that ship that sank?
Yes. Please, get me a doctor.
And, you swam all the way to shore?
Yes. Please, get me a doctor.
(Kajun's line of questioning went on for two hours... And, no, he never did get Chen, who subsequently bled out, a doctor.)
And, on your way in, you were attacked by a school of rabid baracudas?
Yes. Please, get me a doctor.

And, now a stupid, ****ing thought from my stupid, ****ing cat...
What ever happened to Xavier McDaniels?
I told you it was ****ing stupid!

Gamma rays? Gamma rays?? GAMMA RAYS???
What the @%#$ was I thinking? I should have used X-RAYS!!!!

Oh, God...!
Is that on sale, too?

I appreciate the creativity of your get up, Dexter, but I'm not sure it's the right look for the store... Let me sleep on it, okay?
Okay, Ted.
Okay, I've slept on it... Go home and change. Dexter.
That was quick.

Hi, dad!
Son..? What happened to you?
I had my skin removed!
Why in the world would you do that?
I was tired of people dicriminat-ing against me because of the color of my skin... Now they can't! YAY!!
Well, all you've done, son, is open up a totally different can of discrimination... Not to mention a large Tupperware® container of staph infection!

You sure you know what you're doing, right?
What am I doing?
You're going to VERY CAREFULLY take possession of the Air Dick and pack it away for future use.
What am I doing?

I'm sorry, I tried calling you, but I have to cancel our lunch date...
It's the lip, isn't it?
No, it's not the lip... I either have the flu, or ate some bad sushi last night. Oh, God... I think I'm going to throw up-
It's the lip, isn't it?

*nom* *nom* *nom **GASP*
*nom* *nom* *nom **GASP*
Looks like redfish1 will do anything to eat him some coconut, even if it kills him!
*nom* *nom* *nom **GASP*

Boy, that was a night I'll never forget!
Of course. You're an elephant.
What's that supposed to mean, you specieist ****?
Well..? Do you have a witty response?
I've been waiting for atomiclunch to give me ideas in the comment section, but I guess he's too busy whacking of to gay Asian ladyboy porn.

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