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Hey, guys...
WebMD says we just need to inject this purple **** into the gunshot victim and he should survive!
"You took too long, dumbass... The victim is already dead!"
Sorry... The WIFI connection in this part of town SUUUUUUCKS!!

...and then the ***** said I'm a little too "thin-skinned."
Imagine that... Me. Thin-skinned.
Holy ****... Which Planet WTF did I sober up on???

"What do you want now, Ethan?"
Can you open the bathroom door? I need to take a massive dump.
"Give me a minute... I'm pulling a roast out of the oven."
Please, hurry... The contractions are only seconds apart!

Boy, they are putting the houses up fast nowadays!
Time is money.
I was just standing here, resting against the wall frame, and those guys drywalled around my forearm in a manner of minutes!
Didn't you notice that was happening?
Not with your 44DD's staring me right in the eyes!
( . )( . )

Can I help you?
I'm your new balls-boy...
Don't you mean, "ballboy"?
Uh, nooooooooo.

Oh, god...
I think I hit the sauce a little too hard last night!
(It was at this point when he started hallucinating a bat puking in a Union 76 restroom toilet that Jed realized he hit the sauce a little too hard last night.)

I can't believe Henrietta attempted crossing such a busy street as this...
Not only did she NOT make it, but she caused a fiery, twenty-three care pile up!
What's that wonderful aroma, dad?
Barbequed chicken, son.

(This comic is loosely based on a true event.)
Why do you thoroughly wash the dishes before you put them into the dishwasher?
So, they'll come out clean, silly!
But, that's what the dishwasher is for!
True, but if you put the dishes in dirty, they may not come out clean.
Speaking of loosely based, how's your mother, Pandeist? HAHAHAHAHAHA...
With that logic, you should be washing your clothes on a washboard before putting them in the clothes washer!
Which I do... What's your point?

That's a nice ghost costume, Ezekiel...
You might want to trim your toe nails.
I did try to get a pedicure at Happy Nails, but the Vietnamese lady kept insisting on washing my feet, where I'm really ticklish, so I ran out the buidling lauphing!

Melvin enrolls in a security guard certification program...
(The certification process is being able to stand still for one hour with your arms folded.)
You passed.

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