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With apologies to evil_d...
Our business is up 376% this year, Lizzy!
Yes, it is, Clanko!
And, all we had to do is sell are souls to Yo'phuthogugl!
To whom?
That name is more of a mouthful than Phreaky's left tit!

Before we enter our new apartment for the first time, Kitty...
...I'm going to consecrate it with Air Spooge from the Air Dick
If, it weren't for the steady stream of cat nip he gives me, I would bailed out on this Looney Tune months ago!

Mr. Happy buys his first home...
Let's see... I make $3500 per month. After the feds and the state get their cut, that leaves me about $2150 take home.
...without doing the math...
My mortgage itself is $2136 per month and I haven't even accounted for electric, gas, trash, HOA dues, car insurance, car payment and groceries.
...until it's too late!
Ha, ha... I'm FUCKED!

Stare at that painting of dogs playing poker, Ethan...
Are you staring at it?
Ha, ha... Keep looking at it while a crank up the cold... Soon you'll be shivering your nuts off and you won't be able to re-adjust the thermo-stat because you don't have hands!
Am I imagining it or is the room getting colder? My nipples are getting harder than the Tommy Lee deep penetration scars on Pamela Anderson's cervix!

Hey, Death... Wanna go to me to my discussion group tonight? Tonight's subject is the occult... That should be right up your alley!
Nah, I'll pass...
Because, after spending all day sending people to hell, the last thing I want to talk about at night is HELL. Besides, Satan is a real buttmunch!
Are we talking atomiclunch-level buttmunchery?

Holy ****, that stinks! Okay,.. I'll pass it on.
Holy ****, that stinks! Okay,.. I'll pass it on.
Holy ****, that stinks! Okay,.. I'll pass it on.

Hey, Ben!
What the..? Where's your skin?
I got tired of my white privilege, so I had it removed!
But, you're BLACK!
What's your point, turbo?
Nothing... Carry on, dip****!

Your room is at the end of the hall...
I feel like you're only giving me that room because it's right next to the garbage cans...
Is that true?
Thank you!

Well, you dragged me down here... What's your question you couldn't ask me in front of other people?
What's the difference beween a "cult" and "the occult"?
A cult is a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular person or object...
...and the occult is a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a lame-ass TV show about a county 45 miles south of L.A..
Oh, I get it... It's "The O.C." cult.

You got the rules of the duel, Schlomo?
We each walk 5900 paces and then turn and shoot!
But, how can you shoot a gun if you don't have any arms?
Doesn't matter... We won't be able to see each other anyway!
Come to think of it, today is the Shabbat... I should be at home slurping lentil soup and listening to Barbara Streisand records!

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