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Hey, Death...
What you up to today?
Reapin' and Weepin'!
Do you really cry when someone dies?
Fuck, no!

We now join "Planet How-Long-Does-It-Take-Stickboy-To-Read-A-Dear-John-Letter WTF", already in progress...
2 mins 29 secs.

You came to the job interview dressed as a PIRATE??
Aye, matey!
You know I'm a shoe-in for the postion with you looking like that!
I'm not following you...
If, you get the job, that means you will earn a good salary, which means the government will tax half of it, which means I can goof off and collect welfare! GET IT??

I appreciate the enthusiasm, sir...
But, could you go ask your manager in private if you have any...
(This is the last time Phreaky shops for a red sports bra at Lady Foot Locker.)
...instead of signaling him from across the store in front of everyone?

Okay, Melty... The next psychological test will be sensory deprivation.
This room has no windows. It is completely sound proof. And, when I turn out the light, it will be darker than Kim Kardashian's black hole trapped in a actual black hole!
Bring it on it, baldy... I won't freak out!
Why not?
I have no anxiety!

What are you doing?
Sucking my thumb...
They say that thumbsucking is really a latent homosexual subliminational activity!
Lick my balls, kid!
You just proved my point, ******!

Ah, the city morgue... The last way station for the soul before entering the great beyond!
This place is a great reminder that every breath is precious and every day above ground is a blessing from God!
Ha, ha... Who said that?

"They all look alike...
...but the man I caught giving my son fatherly advice in the nude... the second one from the right."
Ah, FUCK!!!

Battery acid.
You have a better solution for soft contacts?
Yeah. Saline. Dumbass.
Okayyyyy... Then, how about the new decor?

You're dressing up for Halloween as a Christmas tree?
So..? What are you going as?
Fuck if I know... I haven't picked out a costume yet.

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