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Lunesta Ted asks Overreacting Randolph to meet him in the executive washroom...
...and Ted says:
And Ralph thinks:
OMG! Ted must have read my report on bilateral negotiation talks with tra

May I ask you a few questions for a survey I'm taking?
How do you feel about drinking while driving?
I'm (*hic*) all for it. *BUUURRRRRP*
Is that why you just ran over twenty-three people while under the influence?

Hey, Randolph.
I know that video game there where you dance step to the music is great for cardio-vascular exercise...
...but do you think it's a good idea that your twelve year-old daughter is doing the "Humpty-Hump" in front of that Jared guy from Subway?

The following is a deleted scene from "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home"...
Bloop, bloop, bloop-bloop, bloopity-bloop.
Prior to traveling back in time to find a pair of humpback whales, Mr. Spock decided he would scour the seas with his Vulcam mind-meld bull**** himself to make sure they were, in fact, extinct.
Bloop, bloop, bloop-bloop, bloopity-bloop.
But, after only twenty-three minutes, he got majorly frustrated and the producers decided to scrap the scene.

Blindman to the rescue!
I better get to the orphanage before it burns down!
Hmmmm... Why does the air seem to be getting a lot thinner and harder to breathe?
(Or ****ing not.)
Ah, ****... Don't tell me I'm flying straight up again!

Next on ID Channel... "Blind Cop Justice". Tonight's episode: "Who you calling a Pollock?"
I know this sounds kooky, but the name of the murder suspect may be decoded from the painting on that wall there.
Just make sure as you're sketching it you get every detail and nuance.
I can't, sir. I'm blind... I'm probably just making a bunch of nonsensical scribbles.
That should still work since it's a Jackson Pollock.

Dad, why are the cops beating up that black man?
He obviously did something wrong, Lucy.
But, it looked like he was just standing there, doing nothing.
And, you point is?
Don't black lives matter?

The following vigniette is an actual conversation I have with my wife every night before going to bed...
What are you doing?
Checking the door to make sure it's locked so no one can come in, silly!
Yeah, but you are pushing against it. Since, the door opens in, you need to tug on the door handle to make sure it's locked. Pushing on the door does NOTHING.
(I'm not kidding... EVERY night!)
P'shaw... As if!
How much lead paint did you eat as a child?

What's that?
It's an iguana tank... I had it installed yesterday.
What the roadhouse is an iguana?
It's a type of lizard.

Hey... What's this dead shark doing laying on the sidewalk?
At least, it looks dead...
I'd better stick my finger in its mouth to make sure.
Wait for it...

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