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by biped
I've decided to try this new thing. It's called "Stripcreator."
"Stripcreator"? What do you do with it?
You create your own strips.
Create your own strips? Strips of what? Bacon?

by HCRoyall
Greetings, Earthling! I have come from the pla-
Get me the **** outta here before the Russians make it worse, dude! I don't care how many anal probes you have to do!
What is a "Russian?"
They're these awful people who suppress free speech, oppose democracy, and sabotage governments who speak against them! And that's when they aren't being violent!
So this destruction was caused by these Russians?!
What? Naw, man, this is just Detroit.

by HCRoyall
Since the last time I posted here, I've had a new daughter born, had a short story published in an anthology, and seen the release of my own novel.
I also went back to working nights, which has left me time to binge watch series I've had on my list for ages, like Star Trek: Enterprise.
It's been a long road, getting from there to here.

by HCRoyall
So you see, Hillary and Obama conspired with Russia to get Trump elected!
It was an elaborate plot to get Trump elected and then impeached to embarrass Republicans!
Get off my property before I call the police.
Fair enough.

by umfumdisi
What time is it, Pa?
Don't rightly know, boy.
Just look at yer phone.
Can't remember where I left it.
Is that why we're at the dead body hospital?
Nah, that's 'cause we're necrophiliacs.

by Injokester
No madam, **** used to be the correct term, it only became vulgar because of Grope**** Lane, a humourous street in London's red-light district.
It was the association with prostitutes that made it vulgar. Vagina on the other hand is Latin for "sword-sheath".
Mr President, you still haven't explained why you've been ****ting in them.
The PR people only said I can't **** on women anymore.
Fucking suitwits, I hear you.

by Injokester
We will build the wall out of aluminum.
Which I'm told is next to Magnesum on the perodic table of the elments.
See, I told you I'm not the only idiot in this country.

by umfumdisi, 1-03-18

by umfumdisi
Ah, winter break. Left alone with my thoughts. I can finally relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.
~\ Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree! /~

by umfumdisi
I read.
I learn.
I recycle.
I am recycling.
I chop.
I surrender.

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