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by Chi_The_Cynic
So, the project will finish by February
I've heard that before...
Well, I've always said the project would end by February
Yeah, I know...
So what's the problem?
It was 2005 when you said it before

by Chi_The_Cynic
Are you interested in coming on this company sailing trip?
Hmm, the thing is, I'm not that keen on sailing...
Sorry to interrupt, Luke, but if anyone drops out of the company outing, let me know so I can come along instead
Sure thing, boss
So, what's your decision?
You know, I've suddenly realised I love sailing, count me in

by Chi_The_Cynic
Conservative leadership contender David Davis states his platform
I am proposing large tax cuts and more grammar schools as well as opposing the unpopular ID cards policy pioneered by New Labour
Furthermore, I am in favour of creating more jobs, obliterating poverty, saving the UK from terrorism and bringing peace to all mankind
It all sounds very nice, but what's your strategy for getting people to actually vote for you?
I'm changing my name to Cameron by deed poll later this week

by Chi_The_Cynic
VOTE REPUBLICAN: the GOP believes in Jesus' message of LOVE and PEACE
We're gonna get those folks!
Beware GAYS, LESBIANS and FEMINISTS: they are your ENEMY
Looks like we're in the right place
Never let your KIDS watch HARRY POTTER: magic and fantasy is EVIL
Next on Channel 4, Mary Poppins
Hurray! Good clean non-magical family fun!

by Chi_The_Cynic
Women must OBEY MEN: it says so in the BIBLE
Spread 'em.
Never approach ATHEISTS: they will confuse you with "LOGIC"
An all-powerful, all-loving God is incompatible with a world in which evil and suffering persist
Save it for St. Peter, sonny
Steer clear of CATHOLICS: they're WORSE than ATHEISTS

by Chi_The_Cynic
Keep away from GOTHS: they wear BLACK which means they are in league with SATAN
You're, like, my best friend in the world ever!
Never talk to ZEN MONKS: they speak A LOT OF NONSENSE
Life is a circle whose four corners denote the eternity of one hand clapping
Keep your distance from MUSLIMS: they frequently EXPLODE
Allah be praised!

by Chi_The_Cynic
The world sucks
Yeah, the world is dead to me
Everything is so bland and empty
And people! They're such sheep, so...

by Chi_The_Cynic
The Home Secretary has announced that prisons are overcrowded and that action must be taken soon
Yes, especially since the police are locking up even more people nowadays
Well, in response to this growing problem, the government has decided there is only one solution
Build more prisons?
No, they're going to release thousands of prisoners early

by Chi_The_Cynic
I am happy to announce that we are being taken over by Quidsin Ltd.
Why are you happy about it?
Well, according to the terms here, this takeover will mean exciting new opportunities
For them or for us?
For me!

by Chi_The_Cynic
Do you ever wonder what Heaven will be like for people like us?
Oh, we won't be seeing Heaven.
So where will we be going?
Somewhere far better! I saw it on TV once...
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