Liv-in' a lie

An epic two-part story. I quite like the second one.

by andydougan
New Zealand. Director Peter Jackson is in talks with rugged Cinderella Man star, Russell Crowe
Liv Tyler's off sick with rabies and you want me to take her place in Return of the King? I thought it'd already been filmed.
Yeah, but we're going to stick in a "love" scene so broads will go to see it too. You have to have sex with Viggo Mortensen.
Well, could be worse. He's all right, I suppose. Quite comely, in fact.
Ah, that's just make-up. In real life he's by some distance the ugliest man in the world. Check out his pic on imdb if you don't believe me.
Sure enough...
Hence! HENCE!

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Liv-in' a lie

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