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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
forgot to turn on my phone so the alarm didnt go off but i was awake. i dont sleep much lately.
today, thursday, i had a flat on the way to work, and pulled over by the chocolate factory i've been looking for. the taxi never came so i walked 2 miles to work and was an hour late. work was ok.
i called in so i didnt get fired for being late. i'm scoring more books than anyone else in our group. i got a ride back to the car and changed the tire in the pouring rain.
i'm on the waiting list for an insomnia study in nyc but i dount it pays enough to go. they were evaasive about the details.
i found a mexican tire shop still open and had just enough cash to buy a tire.
so i got home too wet and beat to work on the 50 item to do list i made at lunch.jerked plaintains $1.60. i caalled fargo and booked a screening for 4/29 for a $3500.
i am online instead of doing pushups or cleaning the house. i havent washed or eaten and it's already past my bedtime.
it's the same study i did last year that involved too many trips to fargo, but it's work. so i will have to postpone my dentist appointment, and my teeth hurt.
but i will be able to get to the tomato plant sale before i leave, and should get back in time for tuesday work. possible stop in madison.
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