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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
thursday: mark came over with a truck, got his stuff off the porch, gave me my keys back. so my house is my house again.
the candyman stopped by at the same time, i am holding but holding off from using any, i think i need a break, but my willpower is low.
i found out that weed by the mailbox is called lamb's quarter and is said to taste like spinach. lunch, tommy cooked, is king crab and french market coffee.
i still need to call mom and joe today, didnt get that done yesterday. or visit kc. we did plasma yesterday and some thrift stores.
there's no tear-down order on the house i'm trying to buy so the closing might go through eventually. i should talk to the owner.
i paid the water bill, went to the bank.. oh! forgot i was in the middle of mowing the lawn. so i'll do that next.
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