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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
23 and rising at noon
i had just done today's comic, about how cold it is, but it didnt save becuse my internet cable keeps falling out. my wifi hasn't worked since the last time the tech went in the atttic.
anyway, now it's sunday morning, a day later. it's all the way up to 20 degrees, with 30 predicted for later today, so maybe my pipes will unfreeze by tonight.
saturday i got outside and made trips to goodwill and dolllar general, and kevin came over and we had a good talk.
he's still on the list of possible suspects re the wallet missing, but we talked about podcasting and tesla and dawn's case, so he has new homework.
i need to plan to get downtown today with kevin for food not bombs. so we can meet with casey and or maurice.
so i should email casey, then make a list for the day. i've had coffee, but i'm still in bed. it's 11:02, so I guess I'm skipping church today.. this year.. whatever.
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