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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
it's wednesday, i think, and time to make a fresh list.
i have to go get my car, remember to call the gas company, maybe buy a tire, 6 more crises like that. photocopies for dawn. hide money from dawn. clean yard and house.
it's now 11:46, the crack of noon.
tuesday i got a few things done. went over the voter ID videos on my youtube channel with kevin. killed two mice.
washed dishes took out trash did paperwork for dawn. found online CLE videos i can repackage. I wrote a proposal for a solar power plant in texas., choose the first playlist.
I could put laundry in, check the dishes and trash, clean the front hall, but first i should focus on getting the van.
i need to write up some tort claims, send letters to mallon and brad king. so i shoul start with my shoes and coat and keys. coffee!
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