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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
i went to see my mechanic, buck, this morning. he said, it looks like you blew a seal.
you walrus say that.
so i have the van back for short trips if i watch the oil, and he'll work up an estimate.
i guess i could clean the fridge and start the laundry
up ate a week laater, buck's estimate was 530 so i parked the van
so i owe you guys a week of comics
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arbi says:

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 did list tuesday 1 $5 Misty 2 $20 dude 3 $40 kevin 4 $2 tommy subtotal $67. 5 100 INCOME sold plates and chrome pans need to prepare reciept an bill for 31 still owed. 6 5 or 6 emails to kevin 7 drafted cover letter template 7.5 reference letter - best one i've ever written 8 drafted agency agreement. reviewe with client, reached agreement in principle 9 got article posted to electionlawblog. 10. cleaned stove, kitchen, back yard, 11. met 3 or more neighbors. 12. 7 cops toay. practived videoing cops. 13. tommy accientally smoked k2, freaked out, needed taking care of. misty helped. 14. progress on garage 15. washe dishes - next; take out trash again. 16 cleaned front seat of number 55, which i will be selling to misty. 17 put up sign re trespassing. 18 mousetraps 19 madde 20 item did list 20 checke out demo site 21 checke out mad science lab. 22 discussed annis museum 23 kevin's father has 10 acres in the country, clayton in liberty township hendrix county.
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