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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
thursday i did plasma again but the cars werent working. good dumpster score from a closed coffee shop.
friday, wth my new short haircut, dark suit, red tie, and volunteer credentials, i worked the trump rally at southport high stadium. bj got video 10 feet from trump.
saturday i got more video of them telling me i can't vote without i d. i got some proof what drugs mr bruce is on. his mom lost the phone he 'borrowed'.
and then he tried to lie hs way out of it the sound quality of the video is low so i have heaphones on to see f i can hear any of it. emailed a few lawyers. mom's check wasn't at the po box yet. my
my sister in law found me great rates for the hawaii trip, tommy's coming too. the blood bank card is working again soi now have $100 in my pocket so i dont run out of gas.
it's 5 am so i'm likely to fall asleep and miss church. this church i've been going to is fun, not a chore.
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