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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
wednesay i worked 5 hours countng absentee ballots. i' been up part of the night with election results. then i went to the plasma center, made $100. by then it was around 8 so when i got 2 the dugout
it was too late to get signed up for a set, but i had a good talk with jake the mc and crackers the comedy clown. also met robyn, wisecracking lesbian nurse.
an old woman taught me how to sort the absentee ballots. as we talked it turned out she ha been a tv crime reporter for 30 years an had lots of stories, an was a genuinely nice person, so i mighta
made a new friend. as an introvert it's a bit overwhelming how many people i'm meeting. e.g. justin the new county party chair wrote back re candidate recruitment.d
then my stalker emailed me saying she'll be by to invade my yard + threaten me today or so, so i sent her a declaration of war. i've been thinking of taking her to a higher court, by telling her mom.
it was the kind of letter i could get disbarred for, but needed to be said. now it's 4 20 am so i can binge on news, or do chores. foun my keys where i thought they were. mom's letter still awol.
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