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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
tommy was a good boy all week and my family liked him and he liked them, so a good trip.
then we flew back hawaii to portland to seattle to indy. tommy almost missed the flight to indy when we thought he had time for a smoke break but didn't, and i was paniced but it went fine.
$10 at the dollar store, $20 at 5 below, art supplies.
bus 8 home, which was still there, and the car started and i aired up the flat tire an mae it in time for my set at the dugout, which went well.
today, friday, the study in wisc had filled by the time i called, tommy and i had a fight at the federal building trying to turn in his disability paperwork worksheet thingy, then he waited an hour
paid the first of a dozen bills i can catch up on now. $225. deposited 7,900
while i had a great interview with indiana lawyer weekly. po box, shopping, then a set at a poetry open mike night where i stole the mike an read found dumpster poetry from hawaii, which went over
better than it will at crackers on tuesday. the article should be in the 12/15 issue. did i mention i was on hbo last week? about 40 seconds of air time in a bit called lab rat nation on vice tv.
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