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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
today is friday. i got up bright + early this afternoon, made a list,worked the list.1. tommy faxed his thing that they would not accept hand delivery of yesterday. 2. bank.3. paid electric bill $302
the place where i pay my lawyer dues is in a different building than they said, and the line to pay the internet bill was too long so those diid not get done yet.
really goo intake interview at jlap, the place for lawyers with problems. they will o an assessment, a tuneup, and hook me up with a support group. i' been putting that off, but the rat convinced me.
i made him an offer he didn't refuse.
i met kc for coffee, $5, had a tonic and lime at the metro, a place i use to drink too much too often at, $2, paid $252 on the water bill. bought a hawaiian shirt $1. came home, time to unpack, make a
new list. i did the dishes, blogged, took out the trash,next bath then homework, not housework. must avoid reddit timewasting.
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