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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
this just in. kinda. yesteray the supreme court hel oral argument in an indiana case about whether the 14th amendment incorporates the bill of rights.
this is one of the big funamental questions of american constitutional law, pitting justice 'hugo' black against justice 'whizzer' white.
specifically, the institute for justice argued that taking his new truck was an excessive fine uner the 8th amendment as incorporated.
the indiana court had correctly argued it's up2 the supreme court to make that change, so they punted. this makes the 6th IJ case the court has heard. the federalist society now has 5 solid votes on
the court, so expect big changes. it's a triumph for the constitution in exile movement that eugene volokh denies exists.
however, dont be shocked if the cops get to keep the truck somehow.
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